Eva Mendes: “I do not resort to babysitting services»

Eva Mendes: “I do not resort to babysitting services»

Eva Mendes:

In September, the actors Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes became parents. One of the most beautiful Hollywood couples gave her daughter a Spanish name – Esmeralda Amada. Despite the media attention during pregnancy Eve managed to hide from prying eyes. The fact that the actors had a child, the public learned only four days. Three months after the happy event Eve gave his first interview in which spoke about the difficulties of motherhood and explained why decided not to seek the help of a nanny.

Eva Mendes: "I do not resort to babysitting services»
– I’m totally exhausted, – says c portal Violet Grey Eva Mendes. – I think these crazy nights behind, but it was only a small part. This is the most turbulent times in my life.

Mendez said that a daughter without a nanny, but is ready to consider options. Now Eva and Ryan take care of the baby to help brothers and sisters. According to Mendez, they are ready to look after his beloved niece at any time.
– But at night I’m very hard to fight sleepiness. And do not know whether I am taking action, looking for Esmeralda – says the actress. – But I try to stay calm even in the most fussy moments. I often go to the sites about mothers and babies, and I find comfort in that. Understanding that I was not alone going through such difficulties, really calms me down.

Maternity Eve instilled a greater appreciation of his mother. Actress wonders how her mother managed 24 years raising three children, who was not even 4 years.
– She lived in Cuba all alone with three small children. And in the most difficult moments I think about it and realize that I have no right to complain about anything – says Mendes.

One of the sexiest women in the world also explained the choice of name for the child. Eva told that they with Ryan for a long time to think and argue, and eventually named her daughter after the heroine of the novel by Victor Hugo, “Notre Dame de Paris”, and middle name – Amada (App. – “Favorite”) – the girl got from my grandmother Mendes.