21.05.2014 1:49

Ex-Apple employee created an innovative camera

A former engineer at Apple decided to become an inventor and a souped had already please peace project CENTR. Device CENTR – this video and camera capable to shoot 360 degrees around itself in the sense that once the camera shoots 360 degrees at the same time, every second, and as a result gets unbroken image of the entire environment. This technology is not innovative, but until recently no one has tried to implement such a project. Now camera CENTR be in the prototype stage, its creator has spent the first Test which ended successfully.

In the coming months will go rework the camera, improving its quality, as well as increasing number of characteristics of the device. In late summer, the project hopes to launch CENTR company in case of success that in 2015 an unusual device will be released on the shelves. Promise that the cost of outlandish camera not exceed $ 400.

Special mention deserve the technical characteristics of the device. The thing is that the camera is very small. According to official information, the video quality may be from 720p to 1080p. Also the inventor of CENTR promised that child can shoot in HD.

It is worth recalling that the function of shooting panoramic video is present in some mobile devices. The camera CENTR used a similar principle, but it is much more perfect than what can be seen now. As for the format panoramic video and interoperability with it, while this is not known. Creator camera CENTR said that all details about the characteristics of the device and its invention will be disclosed only after it on the market.