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Excelvan HP – 300S First REVIEW: Must-Have Gadget For Camping!

It doesn’t matter if a natural disaster has deprived your city of electricity or you just want to get away for a weekend away from city noise, you need to have a portable generator. Today it is impossible to imagine life without gadgets, such as smartphones, laptops, TVs, etc. so many people afraid of losing them. What to do if you go into the wild, and there is no power socket to charge your gadgets? Excelvan found the solution. The Chinese company released portable generator called Excelvan HP – 300S.

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Let’s take a closer look at portable power station, and we start with specifications.

Excelvan HP - 300S Review: Portable Power Generator

Excelvan HP – 300S: Specifications:

  • Charging current: 2.5A
  • AC output: 110V, 300 watts
  • DC outputs: 12 V, 100 watts
  • USB 1: 5V 3A / 9V 2A
  • USB2 / USB3: 5V / 2.4A max. 3.1A
  • Maximum power of the solar panel: 2.5 V
  • Charging from the mains: 15 V
  • Battery: UL-compatible 18650 Li-ion battery
  • Battery Capacity: 72000mA / 266 W/h
  • Charging time: 8 – 9 hours
  • Product weight: 2.6 kg
  • Product size: 21 x 21 x 9 cm

Excelvan HP – 300S: Design

Excelvan HP - 300S Review: Portable Power Generator

The dimensions of the portable generator are so compact that it can easily be placed in a backpack. Its dimensions are only 21 x 21 x 9 cm and weight 2.6 kg.

The front side of Excelvan HP – 300S offers all the necessary ports and connectors, such as USB1: 5V/3A and 9V/2A port for fast charging, USB2/USB3: 5V/2.4A – maximum 3.1A, two speaker ports and 12V DC cigarette lighter socket. Also, there is a small LED display, which displays the battery charge level, reminds you of high temperature and an error in operation.

Excelvan HP - 300S Review: Portable Power Generator

In addition, you can see a multifunctional flashlight with four lighting modes on the front panel, but we will talk about them later. Below there are two control buttons “DC” and “AC”. The back panel also has “Light” button for controlling the flashlight.

The device is made only in silver color.

Excelvan HP – 300S: Functions

Excelvan HP - 300S Review: Portable Power Generator

Excelvan HP – 300S has a huge battery capacity of 72000mAh. As we already said, there are different ports for connecting your gadgets. Thanks to many connectors, it allows charging several devices simultaneously.

The manufacturer says that Excelvan HP-300S Li-Ion battery can recharge your smartphone more than 30 times, while laptop – up to 5 times, depending on the internal battery of the laptop. The generator can be used for charging drone for 4 times.

If you decide to use a portable generator for camping, it will be useful for mini-fridge (up to 5 hours) or even TV (more than 4 hours).

Excelvan HP - 300S Review: Portable Power Generator

It is also possible to connect devices with DC power from 13 to 20V to the generator: a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, an LCD TV, a radio, a charger for a photo video camera, a drone. If the gadget isn’t used for 20 seconds, it will automatically shut down.

Excelvan HP – 300S is easy to charge. You just need to connect it to power outlet of 15V. There is also support for 2.5V solar charging. The manufacturer claims that full battery charge of portable generator using AC adapter takes 8-9 hours.

If you decide to use solar panels to charge the gadget under direct sunlight, then you should wait about 7 hours. Of course, it is very optimistic figures for solar charging, and we think it will take much more time.

Excelvan HP - 300S Review: Portable Power Generator

As we said earlier, the gadget is equipped with a large flashlight, which has four modes: bright, low beam, flashing and SOS signal. There is a red button on the back panel to control modes. One pressing allows to turn the light on, while double press – flashing mode, three times – SOS mode, and pressing 4 times you turn off the light completely. Everything is very simple.

On the front panel, we see two control buttons. The left one is DC button. It allows turning on USB ports and cigarette lighter socket with short press. The long press – turn them off.

The right one is AC button. One click activates speaker, twice – turn it off. As you can see, it is very easy to control Excelvan HP – 300S. It will be enough to use it once and everything will become clear.


Excelvan HP - 300S Review: Portable Power GeneratorSo, today we made quick review of Excelvan HP – 300S portable power generator. The compact size of this gadget makes it useful not only for camping or picnics, but also extreme hiking in the mountains or somewhere else. It can be also used for emergencies.

Excelvan HP – 300S is equipped with a display to monitor its battery life and charging functions, as well as a built-in flashlight to illuminate the camp.

The price of Excelvan HP-300S portable power generator is only $209.

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