What to expect from at APPLE WWDC 2015?

What to expect from at APPLE WWDC 2015?

What to expect from at APPLE WWDC 2015?

Already on June 8 on Monday, Apple will begin annual developer conference WWDC – this is one of the most important events of the year in the ecosystem of Apple. Although Apple still retains a deathly silence, we can already assume that the new company is preparing.

1. iOS 9

Apple regularly presents a new version of mobile operating system every year during the WWDC, and there are no reasons or preconditions, to the company from Cupertino has changed its traditions. 9 iOS itself, is not expected to receive a large number of innovations – working Apple will focus on the stability of the operating system than iOS 8 in dire need, although iOS 8.3, which is disliked Vitaly Milon, the situation started to recover. Perhaps, Apple will introduce even limited support for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4, giving gadgets to remain on the current version of the operating system for another year. In addition to the work of the OS, then we expect to see the new font San Francisco, which has already been tested in Apple Watch. This is certainly the most significant and anticipated news.

Most likely, the same day the developers will be able to install the beta version of iOS 9, and users will receive the final version of iOS 8.4 with the new application, “Music”, which brings us to the next is expected to announce.

2. The streaming music service

The company is actively negotiating with music labels, including in Russia. Bloomberg today has learned that Apple is the next stage of negotiations with the owners, even today, the conversation, according to the newspaper, it has lasted for 11 hours. Sources say that the announcement of Apple’s streaming held it at WWDC 2015, and Apple itself has put a spoke in the wheels of the competitors, in particular, the market leader Spotify. It looks like the purchase of Beats, which has a similar service, is not limited to forging links with the stars and sale headphones and speakers. One of the latter, by the way, threatens to fire safety, for it even Apple refunds.

3. Competitor Google Now

According to rumors, Apple is working on a major update to the Spotlight search in iOS. Now he’s straight as a railroad, and only knows how to send to the browser so find something to deputy smartphone. However, the version for OS X has acquired a certain analogue display content from Siri and now expect to see this functionality in iOS 9. Most likely, it will be the most noticeable change in the mobile operating system Apple.


For the third consecutive year, analysts predict the appearance of large iPad, and MW mode (split screen, or who are in that much). While there are no prerequisites to any new functions or the largest iPad is not available, but market experts believe that such a regime would allow Apple to shift the positioning of the iPad, and more emphasis on efficiency, to align the falling sales. Mini-Chi Kuo, known accuracy of forecasting product policy Apple, predicts even the appearance of an advanced stylus. However, if a large iPad be the INDEX screen or split screen before his announcement, we do not see.

5. Apple Maps

What to expect from at APPLE WWDC 2015?

Apple does not leave attempts to improve its navigation, that it, in general, is out. If you compare them with the current state of the product, which was introduced with fanfare on iOS 6, they can be called generally excellent. Emphasis will be placed, according to sources on the new features, in particular, will be public transport. To begin with, in a restricted mode – in seven cities, Moscow is not listed.

6. New features Apple Watch

April 24 started selling smart-hours Apple Watch, review and video review which can already be found on Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru. The first users, followed by representatives of show business, already use the gadget as well as have access to the app store, and the opportunity to purchase the straps separately. That’s just not the functionality or speed of the gadget does not shine. Many are betting that Apple will introduce a new tool for developers already at WWDC, perhaps beta WatchOS 1.1 or 2.0, and will enable applications to perform calculations on the clock, as well as promised to do “later.”

7. OS X

Desktop operating system from Apple, too, the past few years appears to WWDC, and what we expect this year. Here, too, we hardly expect any significant changes, Apple will focus on stability and a greater plane of the interface (no joke, part of the system icons still skevomorfichny!). Perhaps we will see a new notification center, reminiscent of the symbiosis of the top and bottom shutters of iOS, with quick access to system settings.

8. Apple TV

Despite the large number of rumors about the announcement of the new Apple TV at WWDC 2015, new rumors say that the gadget did not reach the stage. Rumors refuting rumors may also be rumors. But empowering existing consoles it is possible, as the presentation of the slogan – “the epicenter of change”, and analysts reviewed the pictures on the invitation square with rounded corners, “strongly reminiscent of silhouette Apple TV». For those who forgot, tell me that the same silhouette and icons in iOS. But the slogan was misleading, yes.

9. HomeKit

What to expect from at APPLE WWDC 2015?

The platform for “smart” home from Apple, introduced last year, still can not begin to march across the planet. The company is building links in this regard, and even introduced a standard for developers, so we expect to have new details on WWDC 2015.

10. Miscellaneous

Apple could devote time and other products, and its projects, for example, HealthKit, a new programming language Swift, expand partnerships with TV channels similar to HBO Now for the Apple TV. Do not forget that Apple will not use to tell how big the company has become over the past year, how many it has sold the iPhone and Mac, and how much money is paid out to developers.

What Apple will not talk? We already know for sure that the event will not have any self-sticks (regardless of the manufacturer of the wonder-gadget). It will not be there, almost certainly, the new iPhone and Mac or MacBook, since all already Soup recently received an update, except for the Mac Pro. It is unlikely that we will show the car and Apple.