Experts have found out that the remains from a mass grave in...

Experts have found out that the remains from a mass grave in Mexico do not belong missing students

Experts have found out that the remains from a mass grave in Mexico do not belong missing students

Genetic examination of the remains of a mass grave, which was held in American laboratories were unable to shed light on the mysterious story of the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico. Experts found no similarities between the remains of graves in the state of Guerrero and the genetic material of the missing young people for the second month unsuccessfully trying to find the rest of the country, according to Excelsior . At this point in the lab The Bode Technology Group processed material 24 people, experts still working on six samples. Expert work is not over, as reported Proceso , in the vicinity of the first burial was discovered four more bodies in the exact amount of which is not yet established.

Meanwhile, that in a mass grave will not be found the remains of abducted students became known on Friday, November 7, when the Attorney General of Mexico Yezus Murillo Karam held a conference with the families of those killed in a military hangar Chilipanchingo National Airport, reports El Economista . During the meeting, Karam read testimony of three members of the cartel “Gerreros Unidos” in which they confessed to killing a group of about 40 people on the night of 26 to 27 of September.

According to the bandits, after police gave them students, they forced the youth to get into the trucks and drove them to a landfill outside the city, and the time of arrival of 15 of them died from suffocation. Others were questioned by members of the cartel, and then killed, after which their bodies thrown into a large pit, filled up the wooden and plastic debris and old tires, filled with gasoline and set on fire. According to members of the gang, the fire burned for more than 12 hours, after which the bandits have returned, took the remains of the pit, broke the remaining bone, packed them into eight plastic bags, and then thrown into the river.

As the evidence demonstrated the bereaved families Karam video in which their children are transported in trucks, as well as fragments of the interrogation videos of some of them. He also showed some fragments of human bodies recovered from the river in the place which indicated bandits – mostly bones and teeth. According to the prosecutor, the remains were badly burned, which significantly complicates the analysis of DNA, so the government asked for help to a group of leading experts from the University of Innsbruck, stressing that the work must be made as soon as possible. According to the prosecutor, until such time as it is proved that the remains belong to the students, the case is closed, and they will all be unaccounted for.

The main suspects are organizing a mass kidnapping of Mayor Jose Luis Abarca Iguala and his wife Maria de los Angeles Pineda, as well as her brother Salomon Pineda, head of the cartel “Gerreros Unidos”.

Despite all the explanations, the relatives of the victims continue to insist that their children are safe, and require independent investigation under the auspices of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. At the same time across the country are continuing mass protests regularly escalate into riots and clashes with police. So, on November 5 in Mexico City mob burned the bus station together with finding her bus, November 8, also in the capital, protesters tried to storm the palace of government, and on November 10 a few hours blocked the Acapulco International Airport, which is why several flights were canceled . In the ensuing clashes with an aggressive mob, armed with sticks and machetes, 16 police officers were injured.

At the same emotions caused by the disappearance of the students are increasingly transferred to the President Enrique Peña Nieto, who is visiting China. According to the president, to cancel a scheduled tour abroad would be “irresponsible” on his part, but even more irresponsible Many demonstrators and members of the opposition seems his absence.

President has already begun to suspect corruption, recently canceled a tender for the construction of high-speed railway has won structure allegedly affiliated with the developer who built the house of the president, said on its websitejournalist Carmen Arístegui. Although the office of the president denies all charges, distrust Mexicans to their leader is growing every day. Nieto promised to return to the country on Sunday, November 16th. To do this, he will miss the second day of the summit G20, which this weekend will be held in Brisbane.