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Fable Anniversary – the hero of your novel

Nearly a decade after the release of the first Xbox role-playing game Fable not only lost its dignity, but even a little better understood. Not least because it is “thank” mixed second and third part of the series. Updated incarnation Fable, despite the simplicity of the combat system and story attracts adult fairy tale atmosphere and unobtrusive social opportunities.
Developer Lionhead Studios
Publisher Microsoft
Official Site http://www.lionhead.com/games/fable-anniversary/
Platforms Xbox 360
Genres Roleplay
Released Games February 7, 2014
In the early stages of development Fable was called Project Ego was created and efforts of studio Big Blue Box – «satellite company» Lionhead. Authors intriguing adventure, where ordinary citizens would react to the actions of the hero, and his actions would have been reflected in his appearance. When the game publisher acted corporation Microsoft, Fable was destined to become one of the shock exclusives for the console Xbox. Notorious Peter Molyneux did not hesitate epithets describing the project and called it “the best game ever created.” The result came to being in 2004, has not met high expectations.
Demonstration of the gameplay
In a provincial town, there lived a boy unnamed. He helped residents to earn a coin or two for a gift for my sister, but please her baby did not have time – settlement robbers attacked and burned her parents’ house. Child from the ashes discovered one of the members’ Guild of Heroes “and took it with him. After years of teaching the boy received the title of Hero and traveled around the world with the aim of Albion do good or … do harm. To choose from.
Relative freedom, coupled with the ability to become a saint or devil incarnate claimed as key features of the game. Hero was nothing to prevent or deal with the protection of the townsfolk in some cities, as well as helping the bandits in certain jobs. Present in Fable and moral dilemmas, forcing a choice between power and people’s lives. However, the consequences of what is happening outside the scene clips, they did not provide.
Protagonist gradually approaching salvation or enslave the world, facing the road with betrayals and sorting with family problems. Narrative manages to be good-natured tale about becoming a hero, and violent fantasy with reanimated corpses and ancient rituals.
Actions literally reflected on the face of the hero. Nice guy acquires a kind look and a halo over the top, and the villain sported bright red eyes and fearsome horns. Or surrounding youth applause and cheer cheers or fled in terror with wild cries. Face scarred warrior, hairdressers changed his hair and his body could be covered with tattoos.
The system of “bad-good” was unsophisticated, sometimes humorous. In particular, eating fried chicken added a “bad” points to the characteristics of a hero. In specific locations were given the opportunity to become better or worse without the extra effort. All preserved in the remake of Fable Anniversary.
At least it was fun to collaborate with citizens. In scene dialogues remained silent hero, but in the game at any moment could show a vulgar gesture, rejoice, frighten or even portray any emotion from an impressive list, received in response to an appropriate response.
Expression of fear, submission or dislike the inhabitants of Albion against the hero can be observed constantly. Unlike many other RPGs, Fable allowed to feel like a celebrity during a casual walk around the city.
Beyond this Fable was a mediocre mix of thriller and role play. Hero disposes of the monsters by cold or small arms, as well as magic. Skills can be combined in any order. Nothing prevented create a cross between a magician, archer and knight. Improving the characteristics affect the appearance of the protagonist. For example, soldiers were like bodybuilders.
The combat system fit into several stages. In the battle intervened inadequate system of target selection, the camera is not in a hurry to turn towards the enemy, and the hero attacked periodically empty space. Alas, in the remake of these deficiencies are not corrected.
The problems are not irritated because of low complexity and odd balance. Almost the entire arsenal was available for purchase almost since the beginning of the game. Were easy money. While at first there were difficulties with the werewolves, monsters and bandits stone, then at the end of the first half of adventure protagonist reminded unstoppable terminator. He was not afraid of no ordinary opponents or bosses. Boredom did not save even a small duration of the campaign – ten o’clock (as supplemented by twelve The Lost Chapters).
In free from deeds or misdeeds minute hero bought real estate, ohmuryayut women could even marry. The possibility of having offspring was not provided, although Peter Molyneux talked about it.
Aggressive advertising and unfulfilled promises played against Fable. People were waiting for the revolution, but got a fleeting thriller with social elements in a small little world. While Fable became the fastest-selling game for the Xbox and get a decent evaluation (average of 85/100, according to Metacritic), the company’s reputation and Lionhead Peter Molyneux suffered. A number of publications have awarded the project award disappointing “Disappointment of the year.”
In the anniversary edition of the schedule has been completely redesigned. The creators have taken the graphics engine Unreal Engine 3 and transformed Albion. The game has got a modern lighting system, model actors have acquired an impressive amount of fine detail. However, the authors messed up with the color gamut. Originally, she was fabulously bright, and now has become muted, dull. Well at least the developers quickly released an update for Fable Anniversary, eliminating periodic freezes and brakes in cities and large battles. Download locations are not instant, but not too long.


Today Fable is not a halo surrounds the fabulous promises a breakthrough in the genre of role-playing games, so the ratio of the project is not as biased as before. Yes, it’s easy, sometimes poorly balanced adventure. Fable but still able to fashion a unique character, to live his little life, watching as her appearance and the reaction of others reflected the consequences of his actions. In the anniversary edition of the schedule is consistent with contemporary standards. It is a pity that the authors did not correct the behavior of the camera, and the world is still made up of tiny locations.
  • As an opportunity to become a hero and villain
  • Changing the appearance of the hero in the process of growing up, depending on the action
  • Ordinary people react to the reputation of the hero and his actions
  • Enough secrets and unobtrusive social elements
  • Low complexity and transience campaign
  • Many employment shall have no practical use
  • Problems in the combat system (camera, target selection) is not eliminated, although nothing prevented them from copy Fable 2-3
  • Gloomy colors, different from the original, it looks out of place