27.08.2015 7:03

Facebook launched its own virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are becoming more popular, and with it to them becoming interested in all the new companies. We already know the relevant products from Apple, Microsoft and Google. And now launched its own virtual assistant and social network Facebook.
The company did not long puzzled over the name of the assistant, and he got a very succinct name Facebook M. With it, users of social networks can book a table in a restaurant, call a taxi, to help in choosing gifts for loved ones, or to answer questions.

Facebook M is built with elements of artificial intelligence and has no access to the information published in the user’s account, receiving data from the correspondence with him and, in fact, representing obuchayuschuschsya system. And in the case of any dispute for the correct operation of an assistant in his work involved operators.

Facebook M while users can take advantage of a social network in San Francisco. But after testing the assistant he will be available for other users. By this time, Facebook M, most likely, will not be in need of assistance operators and become a full-fledged virtual assistant.