12.08.2015 8:14

Facebook prepares news application in the style of Twitter

Facebook is working on a new application for reading news that will notify users about important events. Such information has the British edition of Business Insider UK.

According to the source, when you first start the program the user can subscribe to your favorite news sites, as well as choose the topics that interest you (Facebook calls them “stations”). To keep readers up to date, edition will be able to send notifications about the hot news. These messages will include a link to an Internet resource, and a brief description with a limit of 100 characters. Hence, the comparison with the microblog on Twitter.

This year, the social network has also introduced a program Instant Articles, in which publishers can post full versions of materials directly to Facebook. However, even to support the initiative of the company quickly shifted to the traditional format of publications referring to the site.

As for the new application, currently Facebook is testing an alpha version, and talk about any deadlines launch until early. It is also unclear why the developers did not add a notification feature to an existing news aggregator Paper.