Facebook is going to provide internet for the entire globe

Facebook is going to provide internet for the entire globe


 Internet giant will use solar-powered drones that will fly over the Third World countries and to ensure their access to the network.

Looks like Facebook is continuing to build large-scale plans to dominate the online segment. Aside from buying Oculus VR, creators of innovative virtual reality helmet, IT-giant also bought Ascenta, company, Design working on solar energy drones. It is reported that the deal was worth $ 20 million.

Five members of the team joined Ascenta Connectivity Lab, newly created division Facebook, which aims – to provide Internet access those areas of the globe where there is none.

This is the task of the project Internet.org. During his announcement of Facebook introduced a few photos and videos “solar” drones. These aircraft will be run independently of the third world countries for many months at a height of 20,000 meters and “distribute” the Internet is like a giant WiFi-router. Only be used for the “distribution” will be lasers.


The idea of course is good. But there are a number of difficulties that developers will have to overcome. First, it is unknown how many people will use the internet: if it is very expensive, then unsecured residents will be problematic to use it. Secondly, it is not clear whether it is justified all these efforts.

Zuckerberg plans to “capture” of the Internet gave rise to the creation of comic content online. In this image, for example, the creator of FB depicted as “Dr. Evil”, the main villain of the film series “Austin Powers.”

But really, if their Facebook venture succeeds, this company will hold in their hands the “keys” to access the network of millions of people. We hope, however, that the intentions of most good brand.

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