29.03.2014 12:53

Facebook is going to turn the world into a virtual reality

 It was recently announced that Facebook gets Oculus VR – a company that is preparing to release a revolutionary virtual reality helmet. What Mark Zuckerberg plans and what to expect from this deal in the future?

Now, many are asking the same question: why Facebook, the company that owns the largest and most famous in the world of social network, bought Oculus VR, virtual reality developers points Oculus Rift? The answer, oddly enough, on the surface, and Mark Zuckerberg clearly substantiated his intentions reporters: “We want to start work on a new large computing platform, which will replace the mobile technology. Historical development involves the emergence of new platforms, and the one who will be able to either build them or adjust the maximum, will not only set the standard for the entire industry, but also have an economic and strategic success. “


Mobile devices are brought online to a new level. Fewer and fewer people are in the network comes with stationary computers, preferring them to smartphones and tablets. Most likely, the next generation of people in general will rely solely on the application. Snapchat, Instagram, Hangout – is just the tip of the iceberg. In Facebook understands this, and the company’s response was immediate – was bought WhatsApp, released Paper. But after some time, and the era of applications are likely to leave in the past, like modems and anonymous chat rooms, continues to lose popularity. And its place would be something else: on Facebook believe that virtual reality.

Indeed, a huge success Oculus Rift, a device that has not even happened, says that the audience believes in VR (Virtual Reality). Facebook, with their incredibly huge audience and enormous resources going to take something really bold, in order to stay afloat; niggle – not in the spirit of the company. Buying Oculus Facebook raised the stakes. Analysts compare this move with the acquisition of Android by Google in 2005. Then this solution also caused a lot of controversy, but as time has shown, this step was perhaps the most important in the history of the company in general. Zuckerberg believes that helmet Oculus, and with it, and virtual reality will be the platform of the future.

It would give a normal user? First, the virtual reality itself has enormous potential. Wearing glasses, a person can be transferred, for example, a football match, concert or in the middle of the epic scenes favorite movie physically remaining in a comfortable chair. First reviews of Oculus Fascinate: some people had to literally hold in place – picture issued by the device is so real that people unwittingly tried to “go”, forgetting that reality “around” it – not real. If Facebook will implement support for the technology in their social network, the usual visiting strangers profiles become almost an exciting journey. Let’s say we give the opportunity to create profiles instead of three-dimensional environment, appointed in accordance with our wishes. And anyone with Oculus Rift on the head will be able to see it and interact with it. Instead of a boring section with photos – a full album, which you can open to get him out of the photo, rotate it in her hands … Dreaming endlessly.


Ideally, fantastic, Facebook will create a version of the world that exists in parallel to our own, a kind of Web 3.0, a full-fledged virtual reality, “depth”, if you will.

Of course, initially all will be much easier, and not the fact that ever become harder. Nevertheless, buying Oculus – it is certainly good news. Facebook has sufficient funds to meet the production needs of developers of innovative helmet. The main thing – to give them complete creative freedom.