14.06.2014 12:15

How fast do the splits: the opinion of professionals

How to quickly learn to sit on splits- read here.

Ordinary people rarely think about their physical capabilities. The common man is not interested in the question whether he can break through the plywood fist, beat his head on a brick or a drag on the rope bus – but those who fanatically dream to become stronger, think about these things quite often.

One of the most urgent issues for people wanting to understand the martial arts – how quickly do the splits. This is – one of the most sophisticated techniques in many traditional martial schools, and it requires a great deal of flexibility and self-organization.

Pluses splits

Twine – is, to put geometric terms, the formation of feet straight angle of 180 degrees. This exercise requires excellent stretch and very elastic muscle ligaments – especially hip. Leg muscles thus should be well developed, but not blocked, like avid bodybuilder. Run twine can only man with a well-developed body and warmed workouts, but it is important not to reach busting.

Person who is able to perform the splits, becomes not only admirable flexibility, but also an amazing hlestkost kicks. It is very important for people involved in kickboxing or just want to be able to rebuff possible during a street attack. Twine is also important for success in the Chinese and Japanese martial arts: judo and karate are impossible without a good stretch, providing maximum acceleration throws and strikes.

Dangers of splits

Many of today’s martial arts school are taken to teach children and adolescents how fast do the splits. This approach is fundamentally wrong – speed in this case is much less important than the result and its price.

And the price can go very, very high. When undue training athlete can stretch or even break itself ligament, which is not only very painful. Torn hip ligaments can heal within a year, and not the fact that the mobility after recovery is fully restored.

To avoid foolish and hurtful injuries while trying to sit on the string, you need to remember two important rules.First – this is a thorough and complete workout before training the muscles and ligaments must be warmed up as best as possible, to increase their flexibility and mobility. Second – must be followed to start simple exercises, developing flexibility legs and waist spine without trying first time perching on a string. Attempt after a week or two lessons can already make – but it must insure fellow athlete.

And the most important – is to know that fast to succeed is almost impossible. Those who wish to do the splits, a long and painstaking work on himself and on his body – and the result will exceed eventually all expectations.