13.06.2014 8:12

“Fatal sex”: London 19-year-old Russian woman fell to her death after falling from a balcony with a Mexican partner

In the south-east London recently lost 19-year-old Russian student Anastasia Tutik. She had sex on the balcony with a Mexican friend 18-year-old Miguel Ramos, but at some point the pair lost her balance and fell from the sixth floor of a prestigious residential complex Knights Tower.

Accident, according to the newspaper The Daily Mail, occurred in the midst of the party about the end of exams. Anastasia was in college Bellerbys.Education in this place is worth about 21 thousand pounds a year, which at the current exchange rate is about 1.2 million rubles. On this basis, the British newspaper journalists concluded that Anastasia was the daughter of a very wealthy Russians.

As for Miguel, he came to the UK in early June this year. According to one of his friends – Alfonso – London Miguel intends to study English and then “learn the business.” According to The Daily Mail, Miguel is the son of a Mexican politician who was formerly mayor of the Mexican town Peskuera.

Alfonso told reporters that Miguel and Anastasia “just liked each other and decided to retire on the balcony.” Samson Oguntayo, next door to the apartment where the party took place, said that young people were trying to have sex on the balcony.

“The guy lifted the girl and tried to get her on the railing. And so a few times,” – said Oguntayo. “To the naked eye it was obvious that they are doing something very dangerous. But people often get up on the balcony of something like that. I honestly thought that at some point they will drop inside. The next moment I saw them fall. I just cried, “- said an eyewitness.

After the pair fell from 18 meters in height, the man ran down and headed to the scene. He saw the bodies of young people in a pool of blood, called “first aid”, but doctors were forced to only say the death of young people. Other neighbors said that friends of the deceased couple were in a state of shock.

Currently Miguel parents have already arrived in London and visited the site of the tragedy. Anastasia relatives are expected to arrive in the British capital on Friday, June 13.

London police acknowledged the incident in Knights Tower accident

London police after the operational activities said that what happened in the residential complex Knights Tower was an accident as opposed to history with the British student Meredith Kercher, who, according to one version, was brutally murdered for refusing to have sex.

Leeds University Meredith Kercher was stabbed in the Italian city of Perugia during the celebration of Halloween November 1, 2007. The next morning, her half-naked body with her ​​throat slit was found by police in her own bedroom. Total girl struck about 40 stab wounds.


Kercher, who came to Italy to study practice, rented house in Perugia with two Italians and a student from the U.S. Amanda Knox. Investigators immediately assumed that the Briton murdered for refusing to participate in sex orgies.

A month later, the suspects were arrested first: at the time 20-year-old Amanda Knox and 24-year-old boyfriend of Amanda – Rafael Solechito. Third suspect appeared Latino Ivorian drug haggling, Rudy Guede. First in October 2008 wassentenced Rudy Guede. And in December 2009, found guilty of the murder of a couple love Knox and Solechito.

Knox and Solechito received 25 years in prison for murder. In addition, an American added another year of perjury, as she tried to blame the crime on a businessman Patrick Lumumba (grandson of revolutionary and Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba of the Congo).

Amanda Knox spent behind bars for 4 years, but the fall of 2011 the court acquitted former lovers Perugia, after which they were released. By the time Knox has become a celebrity, and her story even inspired Hollywood to shoot action-thriller. The film’s director said that the invoice for a commercial blockbuster was excellent, as in the case of the death of Kercher has everything that the public wants – love, sex, and violence.

After the liberation of Amanda Knox returned to her native Seattle, where she was studying at Washington University in the department of literary work, and was able to draw experiences to their advantage. In 26 years, she decided to publish a memoir about prison misadventures in Italy under the title “Waiting to be heard.” The rights to this book, published in the spring of 2013, were purchased by the publisher HarperCollinsa for $ 4 million.

The book portrays itself Knox naive girl who was “in the wrong place at the wrong time,” and then had to fight the injustices of the Italian judicial system.

In September 2012, published a book of memoirs and his own former lover Knox – Rafael Solechito. He also accompanied his creation lofty title: “The Prisoner of honor: My journey to hell and back together with Amanda Knox.”