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Features lease of a passenger car in Europe

On the eve of independent travel in Europe before each question: “What is to move on a trip?” Of course, you can choose public transport. But, first, not all European countries even it is equally convenient. Second, the freedom that gives the car, trains and buses are not able to offer. So today let’s talk about renting a car abroad. Especially because underdeveloped network rental cars in Russia and the ignorance of many of our compatriots procedures such lease makes the topic particularly relevant.

Going on a trip, most Europeans prefer to move to a foreign country is behind the wheel. It is very convenient. As a rule, pre-ordered the car is waiting for you at the airport. So – do not even need to worry about how to get to the hotel.

The process of renting is too many difficult. But, following the personal experience, I can say that with minimal knowledge of the English language in this is no big deal.

Car rental market in Europe a huge number of companies-distributors of such famous brands as SIXT, Europcar, Avis, Hertz, Budget and others. Apart from them, in almost every country, there are several small firms. The trouble is that companies rarely have the online reservation system and its own office in the airport. So, right off the plane to leave the rented vehicle will not work.

In addition, if you come to a foreign country through a tour operator, and its representatives can offer you car rental. But we must remember that in most cases operators – only intermediaries between you and the rental company. Therefore, the price of this service will be higher than for self-lease.

So you’ve decided on a route in advance and decided to rent cars. This is best done prior to arrival in order to avoid unnecessary running around the city in search of office. Yes, and often advance rent cheaply via the Internet. In addition, when applying for a lease after arrival at the disposal of the campaign may not have the car that you prefer.

There are two ways to rent: direct from the supplier or from a broker. It would seem – the choice is obvious. Why hire a broker if you can directly? But things are not so simple.

Brokers do not have their own cars. They use all the same companies known brands. You only pay the broker and get the car service provider. However, the broker selects the best deals on the lease. And offer them to the final consumer. Therefore almost always rent a car through a broker profitable.

For example, on the day of this writing, the cost of the 10-day rental car class Ford Focus at Munich airport directly from the supplier company was on average 385 Euro. A rental car through the same broker – 336 Euro.

To rent a car, you need a credit card. Selecting a company or broker-dealer, go to their website. Sites of all the major companies have pages in Russian. Introduce rental place (country, city or airport). The system offers a choice of cars of various classes with the price. When this is not amiss to compare prices of several rolling offices and brokers. After all, sometimes the difference can be several tens of percent.

Usually in the search results displayed a certain car make and model. Immediately you will be offered to select additional options. Typically, this navigator, car seat, etc. At the same time ask about the desire to extend this basic insurance. What does this mean?

In accordance with the majority of European countries, the basic insurance (insurance of third party liability) is already included in the rental price. This insurance is usually a franchise. That is, with damaging your fault the amount of damage within the franchise you pay for. And only rest – the insurance company. Amount deductible depends on the car and is usually from 800 to 4000 Euros.

However, you can reduce the amount of the franchise. Until its abolition. For this service you will be charged an additional fee. If you are not confident in your driving skills or you want to protect yourself from additional costs in the event of damage to your fault – it is better to buy extended insurance.

If the country you need a navigator – better bring it with you (in advance make sure you have maps of the region). Rent this unit with the car will cost you a third of the cost of the transaction as a whole.

The same applies to the child seat. If you can bring it with you – vezite.

When renting a car in the winter, make sure that winter tires are included in the rental price.

Before making the final payment for the order, read the conditions. Link to them usually leads near the car description. These conditions are usually given in English. But using the electronic translator, study them there is no trouble.

What else should you look for? Sometimes companies give the price of the car with the restriction on mileage. A overlimit entails payment each additional kilometer of about 0,3 € / km. One consolation – rental price with this constraint below.

It happens that the company indicate the invalidity insurance when leaving their cars in other states. So, once rented a car in Italy and have carefully studied the conditions, I could not go to Hungary.

So you’ve found the right car, decided on the options and paid the order. If payment is successful, then your e-mail goes voucher detailing the order. Take it with you and present at the reception of the company, which take cars. Usually rack rolling offices are located in the arrivals area of ​​the airport. If the airport is large, then representatives of companies and may be located at another terminal.

If you could not find your business, it is better to apply to the airport information desk. If the rent was made through a broker, the voucher will necessarily include the name of the supplier, indicating its origin.

Search was successful? Then present your voucher, passport and driving license. Some car rental office may ask you an international driving license. Therefore, going on a trip, do not forget it.

Sometimes in the “low” season tourist company can offer you a free upgrade car. If such a proposal was not followed, do not hesitate to ask the employee of the company.

Also, you will be asked for a credit card lock on it a certain amount of collateral. Typically, this amount is equal to the sum of the franchise. When returning the car, and in the absence of the owner to claim it as a pledge get back.

Check with the company’s employee policy regarding fuel cars. Often cars are rented at system Full to Full. This means that getting the fully fueled vehicles, you also have to return it with a full tank.

Even when you make a point, ask the rental phone number round the clock technical support, where you can call in case of damage or accident.

Finally, you will be given a parking ticket for departure from airport parking. And the paper describing the damage of the car body and mark the quantity of fuel in the tank. In half of all cases of rent I discovered scratches and dents that are not specified in this list. Therefore, we strongly recommend not leaving the parking lot, carefully recheck the car. Upon detection of additional damage or shortage of fuel – report them to the employees. And make sure that your remarks he made in a check-list. Only then hit the road. This saves you from additional problems when returning the car.

Happy travels!