17.02.2014 8:13

Fifth victim of the explosion in the bus with tourists in Egypt, according to investigators, was a suicide bomber

Fifth victim of the explosion of the bus with South Korean tourists in the Egyptian resort of Taba on the border with Israel was a suicide bomber, as the preliminary investigation of the incident. Meanwhile, on suspicion of involvement in the terrorist attack have been arrested more than a dozen militants.

What happened on Sunday, February 16 attack on a bus in which there were 35 people committed suicide bomber TV channel Al-Arabiya citing Egyptian investigators. According to them, the attacker was able to get on the bus, and then detonated an explosive device.

According to others, as clarifies the ITAR-TASS news agency reported citing local media reports, the attack had a young person aged 20-25 years. He entered the bus stopped in the parking lot, but the way he blocked the driver and a South Korean guide.Realizing that pass on will not work, the terrorist detonated an attached body powerful explosive.

This information was confirmed passengers were inside. As one of the victims told the tourists, the attacker still holding the bag, which, apparently, was also explosive.

The remains of the alleged perpetrators of terrorist acts have been sent for examination. According to reports, a suicide bomber – a resident of one of the mountain in the Sinai.

Bus with tourists Christians from South Korea, who made a pilgrimage tour to churches in Cairo and St. Catherine’s Monastery, was undermined after leaving Taba border checkpoint near the Israeli border and entered the territory of Egypt. Victims of the attack began five people. Among the dead were three suicide besides South Korean citizens and Egyptian driver, too Christian (Coptic). Another 29 people were injured.

Responsibility for the raid took over operating in Sinai extremist group “Ansar al-Maqdis Beth.” Its militants are behind the majority of terrorist attacks in the country in recent months.

Currently under investigation terrorist attack at the border crossing at Taba, Egyptian security forces arrested the 13 suspects in the terrorist attack, according NEWSru Israel . To combat terrorist gangs involved in the Sinai Egyptian commandos.

The first time since the removal from power of Islamists in Egypt in July last year, became the object of attack extremists foreign tourists. Earlier sabotage committed mainly in the north Sinai against military and police.