16.10.2014 4:36

Film schedules DC

In an official press release from the studio Warner Brothers were declared name and the date of withdrawal of joint projects with DC Comics. Plans are really fantastic, DC preparing large-scale confrontation with Marvel. Chapter Warner Brothers Kevin Tsudzhihara at a meeting of the Board of Directors has made ​​an official statement.

After the successful “Man of Steel”, as has long been known to be released “Batman vs Superman: At the dawn of justice” from the director of the first part of Zack Snyder (“300,” “Watchmen”). On the world movie screens will be 23 March 2016. And now the fun part.

August 5, 2016 will be released “Suicide Squad,” about a group of ex-offenders who redeem their crimes, picking up his deadly mission. Director – David Eyre. The team will be: Dedshot, Captain Boomerang, Fox, Blockbuster, Multiplex, and Dzhakuli Mayndblogger, all under the auspices of Amanda Waller.

Film schedules DC

Following June 23, 2017, on the screens of the world will be “Wonder Woman” by Gal Gadot.

All the same Zack Snyder will film “Justice League: Part 1” with an eye to the premiere November 12, 2017. And the shooting go along with “Batman vs Superman: At the dawn of justice.” Villain Brainiac perform.

What is the Justice League without the fastest man? Solo album “Flash” will be released March 23, 2018. Officially announced that the main role performed by Ezra Miller (“Good to be meek”). Not destined Grant Gustin of successfully launched on the CW series to get to the big screen. Barry Allen appears in a small cameo in the nearest movie studio.

“Aquaman” will be released July 27, 2018. Jason Momoa (“Conan the Barbarian”, “Game of Thrones”) – starring officially.

“Shazam” with Dwayne Johnson singled date April 5, 2019.

“Justice League: Part 2”: June 14, 2019. Again in the director’s chair Zack Snyder.

Film schedules DC

“Cyborg” will be released April 3, 2020. The main role has been approved Ray Fisher.

New “Green Lantern” will be released on world screens June 19, 2020. Also in development are solo albums Batman and Superman.