Financial markets: oil rivers and golden beaches

Financial markets: oil rivers and golden beaches


River Oil, Gold Coast

Forex market is rich in features. You can trade on different platforms to choose tools to engage in trading on their own or invest in PAMM-account, scalp or open long-term deals. Everyone has their own strategy, ways and paths to success. Beginners love pair EUR / USD. More experienced prefer a cocktail of oil and gold. Of course, no accident. Transactions on raw materials and precious metals have been and remain some of the most profitable types of trading in the market.

Plain oil

Why constantly growing interest in oil? High volatility, which explains the effect on the cost of raw geopolitical factors, and therefore virtually unlimited earning potential. For example:

factor 120-day correlation between the index of MICEX and prices for Brent «Brent», on which depends the price of Russian oil «Urals», reached -0.2 in March, estimated the agency Bloomberg. This is the lowest figure since 2003.

The correlation coefficient takes values ​​from -1 to 1. Higher the score, the greater the dependence of the quantities. Average rate for the past five years was 0.42. It is logical to assume that the traders to trade oil and focused only on news of world politics, economy and ecology, could “put together” a good capital in just a few months. Companies like MaxiMarkets even provide traders alert service on the most important events of these areas. And this is not to mention the first deposit bonus up to 50% and support personnel manager.

Extract gold

Minimum investment and high volatility also characterize the trade in gold. Rise or fall in metal prices perfectly amenable to analysis by geopolitical and macroeconomic factors. But it is important to find the conditions in which trade is really the most profitable. So, MaxiMarkets offers traders a modern platform MetaTrader 4, instant order execution and tight spreads. By opening an account, look for stocks that are in the company. A nice bonus or free sms-signals will not be denied.