The first contestant of “Freak Show”, sad “Wilfred” and the final Californication

The first contestant of “Freak Show”, sad “Wilfred” and the final Californication


Sarah Paulson shared with fans of horror anthology American Horror Story first photo of her character. The image of this strange creature actress will appear in the fourth season, was subtitled “Freak Show.” “I am so excited that I will play Bette and Dot in this season!” – Sarah wrote under the photograph. As they say, one head is good …

American Horror Story will return to the small screen in October. Looking forward to the first snapshots with image already announced clown killer and bearded woman.

Meanwhile, the FX channel unveiled a new banner for the fourth season of the sitcom Wilfred. It fans of the series will recognize the titular character, see the sunset (greet the dawn?) In the bottle. As we have mentioned, the fourth season will be the last for Ryan (Elijah Wood) and his shaggy friend. The memorial and the inscription on the poster: “Maybe I imagined. Maybe you’re crazy. Find out in due time. “ For fans of the series is the “time” will begin in late June.

And finally, we present a selection of promotional photos for the final dramedi Californication. The last series of the series about the adventures of Hank Moody will air channel Showtime also in late June. 

The first contestant of "Freak Show", sad "Wilfred" and the final Californication