First look at the smart watches Galaxy Gear S

First look at the smart watches Galaxy Gear S

First look at the smart watches Galaxy Gear S


In line Gear Clock Gear S – this is the third generation of the flagship among all devices. If the second generation of hours was the work on the bugs first, and the same Gear Live – this is a replica of them, but only on the Android Wear, then the current Gear S – it’s a slightly different approach, the experiment in the other direction. Let’s start with the fact that Samsung has decided to equip its own clock microSIM-cards, ie they can be used without a phone call and a companion. But all the functionality of the previous hours while maintaining – that is, you can use the watch as a companion to the phone or tablet, and you can call directly from them or to enjoy all the benefits of civilization. This is the fundamental difference – Watch Gear S may be as a standalone unit, which can be used without a phone, and a companion to the last.


  • Screen 2 inches, 360×480 pixels, OLED
  • Battery Built-in Li-Pol 300 mAh, up to two days
  • Tizen OS
  • Size 39.8h58.3h12.5 mm
  • Silicone strap, body color white or black
  • Protection against water and dust IP67
  • 2G (900/1800), 3G (900/2100), microSIM
  • 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of internal memory
  • BT 4.1, Wi-Fi b / g / n, USB 2.0
  • The dual-core 1 GHz processor
  • Navigation Here

Package Includes:

  • Watches
  • Charger
  • Instructions

This gives us a fundamentally different usage scenarios. For example, we can take this watch to the pool and get a call on them, it is not necessary to bring the phone. The same goes for the beach and other such places. The presence of high-grade communication module inside could not affect the time when you use it, as well as the cost of the device, it is maximal in the line Gear. Before us is the flagship of Samsung smart hours and quite a curious device, in which a number of new functions.

First look at the smart watches Galaxy Gear S

It is not only watch enthusiast, but it is an adult product for the market and consumers. Let’s see what they can offer.

Design, size, controls

Plastic enclosure, rectangular shape – watch big enough but quite thin. On hand look good, but it all depends on how fit you this form or not.

Buckle strap changed for large hands like mine, the strap may not be enough for comfortable carrying, it is worth a try before purchasing, as it is impossible to change the strap, it is – part of the design.

As a second-generation hours, no electronics in the strap is a simple ordinary strap.

On the inner side of the watch, you can see a probe pulse, as well as a connector for SIM-card, it is standard microSIM. When you open a connector clock is automatically turned off, insert the card, and they are included.

Supported by the standard of protection IP67, which means that you can not only wash their hands in Gear S, but also swim with them, which is nice. Of the controls – only one button under the screen, above the screen – ambient light sensor that can adjust the backlight.The camera in this watch is missing, which distinguishes them from Gear 2.First look at the smart watches Galaxy Gear S

The charging unit is the same as in Gear 2, the charging time – about 45 minutes, even the battery is similar to 300 mAh. This allows for up to 2 days of installed SIM-card, without it can be 3-5 days work.

Perhaps it is necessary to say that in the watch has a vibrate mode, and he felt perfectly well, I prefer to put his name, as vibrating hours at hand – the best reminder. Signal can not be heard on the street, while the vibration is always felt.

Present gyroscope and acceleration sensor, so they are activated at the moment when you throw up a hand to see the time. In this video you can see that this does not happen immediately, but with a slight delay. Activate the clock by tapping on the screen can not be – it was made in a number of competing models.

Phone connection is done via Bluetooth (version 4.1), and the clock can work with only one phone. In order to tie them somewhere else, you need to reset all data. This can be considered a serious drawback, since both use the watch with the tablet and the phone will not work. And it is quite a common scenario.

Gear manager on the phone – settings and applications

In order to use the clock, you need to connect them to your device (phone or tablet). In the app store Samsung Apps you must load the Gear Manager and follow the on-screen prompts hours or number.

First look at the smart watches Galaxy Gear S

In Gear Manager, you can configure your preferences to select additional software that is installed on the clock. User-friendly interface for configuration, since the clock to do it is not so simple and easy due to the small size of the screen.

Of pleasant surprises – backup all your settings, ie, zeroing the clock, you will automatically receive all the settings again, no need going to be doing this job for the second time.

From what should I do first, is to parse the order of functions and they appear in the menu, so it will be easier and faster to manage the clock. Describe all possible manager will not. It is necessary to choose a program that will run when you double-click on the center key.

Clock interface – control and work with them

Raises his hand and the clock 7 seconds include a screen on which the default display time, date, weather, or simply dial that you have chosen. Backlight time can be changed to a larger, then the battery consumption will be more. Also you can select various dials or clock with application icons or with a pedometer.

In the settings you can select font size for the menu and messages – You can set up all by himself, his vision.

On the main screen, swipe the finger from the bottom up, and the main menu appears. Movement from top to bottom goes up one level, closing the current menu. I will describe the main features of hours.

First look at the smart watches Galaxy Gear S

In contacts you can see your address book, and it is sorted in alphabetical order of the language that is selected in the menu, but is followed by a second language and the ability to quickly search. There was a string of favorite contacts with icons.

In the list of calls and SMS messages can be seen, who you talked to, dial these numbers and talk directly with the hours, using them as a headset (headphones not) – you listen to the sound from the speaker, and speak into the body. It is necessary to take hours away, and the sound for your buddy is getting worse.

Return to the previous menu by moving from top to bottom, in contrast to the first Gear, there are no false positives and everything works fine.

Voice memo – it is a regular voice recorder to 5 minutes.

S Voice – in theory, this is a great feature for voice dialing, adding cases to the calendar, send SMS – in practice, it works fine on the phone itself, but the clock does not work well. To begin with, that the connection with the phone made by Bluetooth, which is quite slow, and the function works slowly. It seems to speed up the process, the record did their best to make it easier to fit, as a result, the recognition quality suffers. Even in a quiet room S Voice impracticable – it does not work. The street on its use can safely forget. When Russian interface, it is, moreover, does not know how to look for the English names in the phonebook, just ignore them.

Music – music control, which is stored on your phone or on the clock itself, then you are free to choose what you want to manage. You can use the clock as a remote control for your smartphone or tablet.

During a call, you can beat them with hours and send SMS-templates, it is convenient. You can answer the phone, and then you will talk for hours, while others will hear your conversation. And incoming calls from your smartphone are on the clock and the bell from the clock can also be redirected to the smartphone. These devices act as an external headset that clever.

Of the new features of note navigation Here, it is quite simple – just type or say where you want to go and you build the route.

First look at the smart watches Galaxy Gear S

In S Health, a new option is the level of ultraviolet radiation, it shows how much you got for the day light or, more precisely, light.Secondary chip exclusively extra.

Unlike Gear 2 and the previous models, we have a full-fledged smartphone form factor hours. Hence the presence of QWERTY- on-screen keyboard, the ability to install full-blown applications, use the built-in mail client and get not only notice, but to fully work with the hours, although this is not always convenient. Fundamentally different device on the perception and opportunities.


The second generation of Gear was licked and had no problems in their background Gear S turned out much better both in functionality and in the use cases. They need not for everyone, but it is certainly something new. There are programs with the usual Android, which are easily adapted to the screen, which has become more and much better. In the main clock – design, so on it and pay attention in the first place. Worth trying such devices before you buy them.

The Samsung opened a pre-order for this watch, they go on sale in October, indicates the value of 17 990 rubles. According to information from the company, the real cost will be at 14 990 rubles, which seems logical to someone and something probably messed up in the pre-order. And this price is well embedded in the line of Gear, Gear S makes an exclusive and very niche product.

Do you think that this watch is interesting and how much they liked you or not? Tell us about your experiences.