Fisherman from El Salvador 13 months drifting in the ocean, feeding on...

Fisherman from El Salvador 13 months drifting in the ocean, feeding on the blood of birds and snail


Fisherman from El Salvador, which washed ashore near the Marshall Islands after 13 months of drift in the Pacific, told reporters that survived because he drank the blood of turtles, rain water and their own urine and eating seagulls and fish caught, reports Reuters.

37-year-old Jose Salvador Alvarenga told that they are minors colleague from the fishery in late December 2012 set out to sea from Mexico to catch sharks. Fishermen have been several kilometers into the sea, after which their boat engine failed unexpectedly.

As a result, planned for one day fishing turned into a months-long drift across the ocean. Just last weekend Alvarenga stranded on a coral atoll in the Marshall Islands, where it was taken by a patrol boat and drove to the capital Majuro.

According to the authorities, together with the fisherman in the open sea came 15-year-old, but he died of exhaustion after four months of drift, reports The Telegraph .

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry of El Salvador said that the country contacted the Mexican authorities to ferry survivor fisherman, first in Mexico and then home. According to Alvarenga, the last 15 years he has worked in Mexico, engaged in fishing and shrimp. His family, including 10-year-old daughter live in El Salvador.

Skeptics doubted the miraculous salvation history

Telling his story, Jose Alvarenga Salvador exclaimed: “I’m alive and I can not believe it!”. The man confessed that he had once despaired during his solitary drift over the ocean, and even wanted to commit suicide during the four days after the death of his 15-year-old friend.

However, according to The Mirror , some residents reacted to the story Majuro fisherman skeptical, as there were some contradictions. Some details of the man simply did not remember, he could not even immediately called his age. In addition, according to the skeptics, the fisherman looked too good for surviving such an adventure.

When man began to ask about the details of his trip, he said that much can not remember because of stressful experiences. In particular, he claims to have lost track of time, as seen around the water alone. He only remembered the release date in the sea – December 21, 2012.

According to the fisherman, he caught small sharks, as well knows their habits.Fortunately, he was in possession of a knife, which he could carve prey.Currently, the man is in the hospital, where doctors try using diet gradually bring it back to normal power.