Whether or not to forgive her husband’s infidelity

Whether or not to forgive her husband’s infidelity


Probably for any woman no subject more severe than the betrayal of the beloved. About this even difficult to speak, and not be deceived this is akin to torture, which brings both emotional and physical pain. When you live with a spouse for many years one soul, even can not imagine that he is able to embrace another woman and tell her words of love. However, from these situations, unfortunately, no one is safe, and sometimes they do happen. What if one day you found out about her husband’s infidelity? Whether or not to forgive someone who claims that his “devil made me do?”

What it feels betrayed by a woman, even beyond description. The least that can be said – she trampled, crushed and does not feel the strength to live on. Anger replaced by despair, and my head is spinning a single thought: “How could he? I never even allowed myself to look in the direction of another man, and he was so low that to me. ” We will not talk about what was the cause of male infidelity , and who is to blame. At the moment, it is important to completely different: it is necessary to answer the question – what to do next? What decision to take, when he breaks the phone, says that repented that he loves only you – his wife and asks him to forgive?


It would seem that the answer is obvious: the times changed, so not very much you need him, so only one way out – to send him to hell. But what about those who are filled with fear of the unknown?

Completely unclear what awaits them after breaking up with the man who betrayed, especially when this man they are linked not only years lived together and shared children. And the prospect of preserving the family does not seem rosy: trying to forgive today, tomorrow you will still remember his betrayal and every time in the arms of a spouse will unwittingly provide that until recently he also embraced another woman.

The one who has just changed a loved one, it is very difficult to talk sensibly. And knowing this, we decided for you to decompose the whole situation on the shelves. Perhaps this article will help you to take another look at the problem and finally take a fateful decision.


Psychologists claim that treason treason strife, and thinking about how to behave on, worth based not only on their own feelings, but also the facts. There are errors that can be corrected completely. So think thrice before you act rashly, especially in the following situations:

1. If your man stumbled only once and regular betrayal – it’s not about him.

2. If the spouse sincerely repented and swears that this will never happen again, trying to make amends in any way.

There are errors that can be corrected completely.

3. If the husband conceals from you the fact of treason . Most likely, it really was an accident, and the husband is very afraid to lose you as truly loves you.

4. If your sex life is a long time family came to naught and you made no attempt to rectify the situation.

5. Ate you, too, “finger in the pie,” and the husband knows about it. Perhaps such his act – an attempt to take revenge for the pain you have caused him.

6. If you love a spouse so that they are willing to put up with all his faults, but such a “merger” with another person like dependence is rather dubious reason for forgiveness.


Even thinking about how to forgive infidelity, it is not necessary in a few cases, namely:

1. If infidelity have become systematic and husband did not try to hide from you his adventures. Chances are you for it – a cook and not wonder how a woman and a man.

2. If all your accusations and attempts to really talk to the husband replies, “I do not know what it is, in my opinion, everything is fine.”


Whatever you did, remember the main thing: his betrayal – it’s not the end of your life.

3. If you see that your relationship has long ceased to be a value for this man, and you are near a roommate and not a close person.

4. If adultery is no longer only the physical and the other woman is firmly established in the life of your spouse. Suppose he is afraid to leave you, and only therefore still had not spoken about divorce – your relationship is long over, it is worth to admit it.

Of course, these tips – just food for thought, and only you eventually have to make a decision as to whether to save the marriage or let apostate on all four sides. But no matter how you did, remember the main thing: his betrayal – it’s not the end of your life, and this depression once replaced easily and trusting relationship to others. Yes, today is difficult for you, but try to pull myself together. In any case not humiliated and especially not hunt down his wife and passion. Survive this attack worthy to tomorrow able to recall it without tears. Believe me, the day will come when it becomes available.

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