In France two trains collided – 25 people were injured, no fatalities

In France two trains collided – 25 people were injured, no fatalities


In the south-west of France clash of two trains. The incident resulted in injuries of varying severity were 25 people. As the doctors, four injured are in serious condition, according to the publication Sud-Ouest .

The incident occurred about 19:30 Moscow time near the village of Deng. In the clash was the regional express and high-speed train, which, fortunately, did not have time to pick up speed.

“Regional Express route from Pau to Dax and carrying 60 passengers crashed in the high-speed train back to Paris to Tarbes, in the wagons which were 178 passengers,” – said the representative of the prefecture. According to the latest reports, the incident affected 25 people.

None of the passengers died in the collision. According to preliminary information, the accident shortly before the high-speed train stopped, and then continued to move, but to gain more speed does not have time. At the same time the traffic on the railroad section is interrupted.

To help the victims in a local school near the scene of the accident was an operative medical staff. Seriously injured immediately hospitalized. Transport Minister Frederic Cuvillier announced that he had instructed the Bureau to investigate accidents and land transport and identify the causes of this accident.

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