Free breath of the forest

Free breath of the forest


Although the forest is associated with something original, even to him already entered the latest technologies. Thanks to contact with nature has never been so intimate. Just look at the website of the State Forests to admire the animals in their natural habitat

The main character transmission is indeed the king of the forest, or bison, but the eye of the camera also follows closely in the wild wolves, wild boars and foxes. One of the cameras also allows you to spy on family life ospreys. You should know that this is one of the rarest bird species in Poland.

– The technology enables foresters to better monitoring of resources, planning and analysis, performing work and communicating with the environment – says General Director of State Forests Adam Wasiak. – But many of these solutions is also the whole society. A good example is launched last year by the State Forests Public Internet Data Bank of the Woods. Thanks to him we all have access to information, which until recently possessed only foresters.

Despite technological facilities but there is no substitute for direct contact with nature. Forests still serve important social functions, and (which in Europe is by no means a matter of course), you can freely enjoy their benefits. A significant part of the forest areas are scenic parks, reserves and special zones to protect rare species of animals. According to the latest “Report on the state of forests in Poland” occupy over 9 million hectares. That’s almost one third of our country!

– I do not know if this would be possible without a clear bring yet in the Second Republic on the public ownership of forests and the creation of the National Forests. One person who is able to plan and act in the whole country, and to finance the necessary work. This is a huge facilitation in terms of forest policy of the state – says Adam Wasiak. – Currently, the same culture of the forest, from the nursery by planting the work of nursing, National Forests seem zł 600 million per year, for the protection of the forest against various threats – more than 300 million zł.

After 1945, all you had to start almost from scratch. Forests cover 20.8 percent of the just. Polish the surface. Foresters have rebuilt many complexes previously destroyed by the invaders and foreign armies, zalesili also significant areas of wasteland. Most of the work was carried out from the end of the war until the early 70s – when we arrived almost one million hectares of forest – and a slower pace in recent decades, even on private land. Today we are approaching 30 percent., But this is not the end. Infographics: Polish forest cover by provinces CSO

“The national program to increase forest cover” assumes that by 2050 it will increase to 33 per cent., Which means that more than punch a European average. Their values ​​but it is worth to know now. In late April launched a contest for the most beautiful corners of our country’s forest. Everyone will be able to visit choose their favorite, and the winning site will be hosted on the August number of National Geographic Traveler.

The role and importance of forests, not only in Poland but in all the world, can not be overestimated. In April, Freising, Germany at the international conference “Forest Change” will meet scientists from all over the world to discuss the forests, among others, in the context of global warming. It is no secret that trees absorb huge amounts of carbon dioxide is considered to be one of the culprits of climate change. Unfortunately, at present the only continent where the forest area is constantly increasing, is Europe. Your contribution to this is also Polish.

Did you know?

■ State Forests have been 90 years.

■ Report on the state of forests in Europe reveals that in the period 2005-2010 every year they absorb from the atmosphere 870 million tons of carbon dioxide.

■ The average for the whole world is only 0.1 ha of forest per capita and it is more or less the size of two basketball courts. At the Brit’s only 0.05 ha, a Pole – 0.24 ha. For statistical comparison Swede enjoys over 3 hectares of forest (although it must be added that Sweden is a country of big and not too crowded).

■ One 60-year-old pine produces the oxygen needed for the life of three people.

■ The State Forests are planted on average 57 thousand. new trees per hour, or 0.5 billion per year.