Amongst a number of countries in which internationally minded international student can get high-quality education, the United States considered to be one of the most promising countries in the international arena of learning.

Indeed, no matter how diverse international ratings differed, published annually by authoritative international media, the percentage of American higher institutions in the top twenty, often times exceeding indicators UK, Australia and Switzerland, remains constant.

In the ranking of world universities according to Times Higher Education in 2012, for example, the first three positions are occupied by institutes of the Caltech, Harvard and Stanford, respectively, which confirms once again and so convincing level of American education. Not surprisingly – the world leader in democracy prepares for experts who can maintain this same leadership in the future. It should be remembered, however, that in most cases a permanent feast of knowledge aimed at the happy citizens of the Americas. International students to get quite difficult, although certainly not impossible.

There are several ways to higher education in America. The most obvious of these, namely the end of the international college and submission of documents to selected universities will unfortunately most expensive. Another same way that passes through scholarships and grants, I would like to touch on more below.

Fulbright Program

Besides a number of scholarship programs offered by almost every university, there is a world-famous exchange program and assistance to international students called Fulbright. As the official site tells us the program for 60 years of its existence, the experience of American education received about 200,000 international students.

Options provided abiturietam varies depending on the country. Students from Russia, in particular, provides grants to study in master’s, professional development, research Projects and independent study. Therefore, any student who has a bachelor’s degree, as well as young professional or artist can win a grant for one year or longer-term (depending on the program) training in America. For students there is also a program of English language qualifications for further instruction in their native country.

Program for future academics similarly classified into two subspecies. Candidates with some experience of scientific work as well as Doctoral Degree holders can apply for research programs associated with teaching as to appropriate courses Undergraduate program students, and with independent research.


The main factor when applying for a Fulbright scholarship is a set of documents.

In Russia to apply for your chosen program should be through the United States Embassy. Applikatsonny cycle for most programs begins 12-15 months prior to the study – that is, if you want to start the program in September, should apply in May and July last year.

When submitting your document folder must lie in the following paper:

  • The testimony of about previous qualifications with final and intermediate results
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Certificate of Test of English Language (TOEFL or IELTS)
  • Certificate of Citizenship of the Russian Federation
  • A completed Application Form

The latter should be given special attention, as it is actually the only chance to tell the committee about yourself and convince them that you are the best candidate for the scholarship. For candidates for research positions to this list shall be a letter of invitation.

More detailed information about programs, criteria filing documents list and the selection process you can learn here , the site of the U.S. Embassy in Russia, as well as on the official website Fulbright.