05.02.2014 2:32

French built in Guangzhou “donut rich screamers”

French make excellent cheeses, and yet absolutely useless build oil rigs in the midst of cities. And although the project of the French company AM Progetti reminiscent of a donut, or the head of Dutch cheese, neither the one nor to the other, he has nothing to do. Office Center Circle Mansion was built in the center of the Chinese city of Guangzhou, and quickly became a local landmark. Residents of the middle class in Guangzhou called Circle Mansion jokingly “bagel rich screamers.”

Such seemingly not flattering nickname among local Circle Mansion received because a significant part of the building is occupied areas local market. Apart from the premises exchange, Circle Mansion has a hotel, several restaurants, and offices of the prestige class. By all accounts, the new business center is not only the most unusual in China, but also one of the most expensive.

Exclusivity Circle Mansion difficult to assess China or not resident person not familiar with the local culture. All the matter is that the Circle Mansion has a powerful implication of, based on the Chinese tradition. Exchange – a very “dangerous” place for the money, and knowing obstinate character crisp papers, everyone knows that in exchange trades luck are not redundant. It is for this reason Circle Mansion resembles a bagel. The secret is that the office is on the bank of the river and the building is reflected in the water. As a result, the complex of the donut turns into the number “eight”, and eight – the number of good luck in Chinese tradition. It is for this reason, the Olympics in China began at 8 hours 8 minutes 8 of 8 months of 2008.

Those who are even slightly familiar with the culture of ancient China may seem that Circle Mansion resembles obsidian disk, an ancient Chinese coin. It really is. The basis for architectural composition profile was taken precisely this ancient artifact.