11.10.2014 8:21

French intelligence told about a hundred young girls, have joined the “IG”, one of them a Jew

While the fight against “Islamic state” takes on an international dimension, the terrorists are preparing for a prolonged conflict that may finds more than one generation. To this end, the Islamists actively recruit girls who are wives of militants. However, many girls do join the “Islamic state.” She learned French intelligence, it is mostly teenagers from Europe and, in particular, France: in recent weeks, dozens of girls ran away from home and went to Syria and Iraq.Among them are not only Muslim – intelligence reports about a Jewish woman who went to the militants “IG”, reports The Daily Mail .

As employees of the French secret services, in recent years the number of women who fled the country greatly increased compared to last year.

According to the French side, this helps for the most part the work of organized radicals human networks that are brainwashed teenagers. Plus, the decision to join the terrorists and promotes volatile teenage behavior.

Basically internet projects Islamists recruit girls to work as wives, nannies and housekeepers for jihadists. According to the publication, the purpose is procreation to participate in the long conflict between the Western countries and the Islamists.

French intelligence tracked the girls through the records of cameras in airports and train stations. For example, one of the girls, Sarah, went on the train with two bulky school bags, dressed in Muslim clothing. As stated in the article, despite the deep hatred of the Jews, which has been repeatedly expressed militants “IG”, they went even one Jewish girl, as told security officer on condition of anonymity.

Another girl, Nora, who is 15 years old, went to school on January 23 and has not returned. The next day, Foad, her older brother, learned that she had a second phone number, a second account on Facebook, which became the target of recruiters. “As soon as I saw this second account Facebook, I said,” She went to Syria, “- said Foad.

As shown by opinion polls, the average age of volunteer fighters join the ranks of “IG”, is from 17 to 25 years. This is mainly descendants of immigrants in the second or third generation. Previously, experts explained that Islam is presented to them not so much a religion as ideology, designed to restore the trampled justice, both globally and in purely personal terms.

Basically to “IG” join the French, German and British citizens. From the UK went to Syria and Iraq from 20 to 50 girls – the exact data are unknown.

According to experts, “IG” attracting features of their ideology: Islamists build Caliphate ideal Islamic state, living under Sharia law. For example, “Al-Qaeda” was entirely focused on the fight against infidels: first, leave no stone unturned in the perverse civilization of the West, and only then to build on its ruins a bright future Islamic. However, her heirs of the “Islamic state” trying to destroy the enemy combined with the construction of the Caliphate right on the battlefield.

Add that in the ranks of militants fighting and immigrants from Russia – mostly Chechens. On the eve of the war with Russia for the liberation of Chechnya promised commander of one of the factions of the “Islamic state” Tarhan Batirashvili, which is also known as Omar Chechen (Omar al-Shishani).