French students went to rallies in defense of democracy from the ultra-right

French students went to rallies in defense of democracy from the ultra-right


Historical success of the far-right ” National Front ” (FN), which France won the majority of votes in the elections to the European Parliament , has caused protests among French students, Yahoo News reports citing AFP.

Thousands of students with slogans such as ” No” National Front “and” France , wake up! ” Took to the streets of Lyon, Paris, Toulouse, Rouen, Amiens, Nantes, Marseille and Bordeaux. They believe that the party with nationalist rhetoric endanger the foundations of democracy in country.

“We respect the results of elections and democracy , but do not accept the values ​​espoused by FN, – says party rally in Lyon Silvio Philippe . – French democracy is in danger.”

May 25 election in the first FN bypassed other party and received 24 of 74 seats in the European Parliament from France . Similar results showed other countries that have successfully made ​​the ultra , including British Independence Party . Most of these political forces express opinion eurosceptics (including , believe it necessary to abandon the euro ) oppose immigration and want to restore national border controls . They also insist on the primacy of the national legislation to the European.

Speech by Marine Le Pen after the announcement of the results , when it declared the course ” France for the French ” have caused unrest among immigrants. At Thursday, May 29 , which turned out to holiday in connection with the feast of the Assumption , this resulted in protests .

In Paris, four thousand crowd antipravymi slogans gathered at Place de la Bastille . A large group of students also rallied in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, under the slogan ” Fascism will not pass ! ” According to various estimates , there gathered from 800 to 2,000 demonstrators .

Similar actions took place in other French cities . Rallies were organized studsoyuzami and the youth wing of the Socialist , Communist and Green parties.

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