Imagine insanely unique creative atmosphere that emanates from everywhere, uniquely beautiful nature with its bezuminkami such as fog in the midst of a sunny day. Birthplace of Jack London and Mark Twain joked that “The coldest winter in my life – it’s summer in San Francisco.” A place that if separated from the country in which it resides, and just like no other place on the planet. It was here in 1967 and the summer of love come in quarter Haight-Ashbury hippies gathered thousands. Here began his career jeans manufacturer Levi’s, here is the Google office and the head office all used Instagram.

Do you want to get there? Then we’ll tell you about the main things that characterize San Francisco.


It so happened that California and San Francisco consider solar valley of eternal summer. This fact can not argue, but it is worth noting fickle weather in this city. Live here year-round cold wind, so even in 30 degree, as it would seem better to throw the heat jacket. In the ocean, the locals do not swim, he icy. Extraordinary beauty have the local fog, which sometimes go down the middle of a sunny day. This insanely beautiful sight. And at the same moment, as soon as you will be able to witness this fad local climate, go to the bridge, “Golden Gate”, which is immersed in a fog.


In San Francisco, plenty of good places to stay, ranging from large hotel chains, to small and very original hotels. To decide what you prefer, and get better acquainted with the choice, visit a site like HRS .


The city’s architecture is surprising combination of Victorian-style homes and skyscrapers in the background. Be sure to take a ride on the local cable car trip, which will give you the most scenic routes in San Francisco. When he went for a walk around the city, it is best to use public transport, which is perfectly justified, or rent a bike. Going by car, you will be faced with the difficulties of parking. Be sure to include in the list of attractions seven houses “Painted ladies” Victorian style, which became known thanks to its bright color. On the way from the center of the bridge, “Golden Gate” is an architectural composition – Palace of Fine Arts. It is decorated with tall columns park, the main building which is so strongly reminiscent of a Roman temple.


City overwhelm you creative, musical and just unreal atmosphere. Incredibly natural and culturally rich place. In my opinion, the most interesting thing in San Francisco – is a walk to the historical places where culture infancy.

Definitely worth a visit Museums of San Francisco, such as the Museum of Modern Art, which holds the work of Jackson Pollock, Marcel provocateur Dusan, color master Paul Klee and many others. Here is one of the most interesting science museums in the world – the Exploratorium Museum, as well as recently Walt Disney museum. In San Francisco, a lot of unusual museums such as the UFO Museum, Museum of tattoos gallery stamps and even a museum of Russian culture. Be sure to go to the legendary bookshop City Lights Bookstore on Columbus Ave and of course the obligatory pre-plan your trip to Alcatraz.

Bookstore City Lights Bookstore

It seems that San Francisco infinite number of attractions and each of them is very unlike typical of urban attractions, so be sure before you go, make a list of places that appeal to you liking.