Full review Meizu M3: Chinese budget smartphone

Full review Meizu M3: Chinese budget smartphone

Full review Meizu M3: Chinese budget smartphone

Meizu in April 2016 presented several new smartphones. One of them was the Meizu M3, represented by the number 26. This – the successor of last year’s popular M2 Mini, a budget smartphone with good characteristics. Novelty is actively sold in China, its official price of $ 95 per GB version and 125 2/16 – 3/32 GB. But for the money to find it problematic dne China. On “Aliekspress” sellers are asked to 120 USD for a younger and 150 – for the older version (prices current at the beginning of June), we have price tags higher.

As of the beginning of summer, represented only by the Chinese version of the smartphone. It may be released later adapted for the modification of the world under the familiar name Meizu M3 Mini, but so far only offer an overview of the model commercially available.

Specifications Meizu M3

Smartphone Features undergone significant changes compared to its predecessor. Differences between 5 and 5.5-inch models range reduced, the new smartphone is cheaper, but not much less than the M3 Note.

Design, body materials, dimensions and weight

Meizu M3 design is not much different from other devices from this manufacturer. Inspired by the imitation of Apple a few years ago, the company was able to create an image of smartphones, which now seems not copy and proprietary design.

The new model has the same rectangular, slightly rounded shape, and that a dozen “brothers”. smartphone weight – 132 grams, dimensions – 14,1h6,9 cm, thickness – 8.3 mm.

Full review Meizu M3: Chinese budget smartphone

The front glass panel received 2,5D (which have not been M2), on it – dynamic slot, eyes and camera sensors. Beneath the screen – Universal button “home”, oval in shape.

The back cover is plastic, non-removable. On it are the camera lens in a black circle and a flash.

On the left side face is a slot for the card, on the right – the sound and power management keys. At the top end is a connector for a headset on the underside – speaker and MicroUSB port.

CPU Meizu M3

Meizu M3 runs on MediaTek MT6750 platform. This new budget chip, which consists of eight cores Cortex A53, grouped in clusters 2 to 4. Their frequency – 1.5 GHz and 1 GHz. It is more powerful than the MT6752 and 6753, but concedes Helio P10 (room 6755). In terms of processor speed is good for everyday tasks it will be enough.

Responsible for the graphics GPU Mali T860, which consists of two computing clusters. It provides an acceptable level of performance.

Iron produces about 40 thousand points in AnTuTu. In games it is enough for high or medium graphics settings.

Memory Meizu M3

The smartphone is available in two versions, the youngest is equipped with 2 GB of RAM (1200 MB free) and 16GB of ROM (free 11.5). The more expensive modification using 3 GB of RAM, and storage capacity is 32 GB. Used types of memory: RAM – DDR3L, flash drive – eMMC5. The memory card slot is, it is aligned with the socket of the second SIM cards.

Full review Meizu M3: Chinese budget smartphone

Battery Meizu M3

Meizu M3 battery is increased, against the background of the previous model. Its capacity is 2870 mAh, which is 5 “not bad (although Redmi 3 competitor already 4000 mAh). The smartphone will stretch sparing use of time up to 2 days, video playback lasts up to 10 hours, and games consume a charge for 4-5 hours. Complete PD 2A adds a charge of about 2.5 hours.

Cams Meizu M3

Meizu M3 camera has a matrix with a standard pixel size of 1.1 microns, its resolution of 13 MP. Optics is remarkable that used to protect the glass Gorilla Glass, its aperture is F / 2.2. Autofocus phase, LED flash. Video recording is done in the resolution FHD, at 30 frames a second.

Photo Quality Meizu M3 can be called typical for its price category. Differences images from any Meizu M2 Note, or Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 will be minimal. The trick sometimes works is not entirely correct, manifested noises and small artifacts with a lack of light. The price range of “up to $ 150,” the camera can be considered good, but in absolute comparison is no more than average.

Full review Meizu M3: Chinese budget smartphone

Front matrix is equipped with a 5 megapixel wide-angle chetyrehlinzovoy with F / 2.0 aperture. It is also unremarkable, suits and ties, and for self-portraits.

Screen Meizu M3

Screen Resolution 5 “has remained the same: it is 1280×720 pixels, as in M2 pixel density – 294 per inch is likely, the matrix remains the same as its predecessor: differences between the screens is not observed IPS provides good color reproduction as well. Well as wide viewing angles backlight is bright, but it can be in the sun a little miss Touchscreen covered with tempered glass 2,5D, whose manufacturer -.. company Xensation oleophobic layer is present, it is quite good.

Communications Meizu M3

Meizu M3 is equipped with two slots for simok, one of them combined with a MicroSD card slot. Card Format – Nano. The communication module is in the smartphone alone, because they are working alternately. It supports all common network 2G and 3G, but with LTE in Europe could cause problems. Since the device is intended for the Chinese market, the LTE frequencies list he is far from complete.

Wi-Fi networks operating at frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5, in the standards a, b, g and n, can be used as an access point. Navigator communicates with GPS satellites, BDS, and GLONASS. Version Bluetooth – 4.1, there are profiles for stereo transmission, and work in a power saving mode. Infrared, NFC, MHL – no.

Sound Meizu M3

The smartphone has not received FM-radio, which in 2016 has already become a tradition. The sound on loud speakers in the measure, in an apartment Up to skip difficult. With clarity and breadth of the frequency range of all typical, “stars in the sky» Meizu M3 in this regard is not enough. The headphones also sound acceptable, for an unbiased user enough (although on a background of the same Meizu Pro 5 sound seems rather weak).

Operating system Meizu M3

Operating system Chinese version of the Meizu M3 – YuOS version 3. This – Chinese OS from Alibaba, which is based on a modified Android kernel. Heat-installed proprietary graphical shell FlymeOS 5.1, traditionally without a separate application menu. The system works quickly and is relatively stable, although there are some unpleasant nuances.

Full review Meizu M3: Chinese budget smartphone

Features Meizu M3

Since the smartphone designed for the Chinese, its software has its own specifics. First of all, it is worth noting that in YunOS different from stock Android is more important than in the same MIUI. Software compatibility is preserved, but the applications are not able to work properly in this case anymore.

Second – language “out of the box” Chinese or English, and Russian in the firmware can not be. Although the Chinese, like, have already learned to correct this: sellers “Ali” assure that the many languages, and Russian among them. The third problem – the lack of Google services. Fourth great nuisance is locked bootloader. The traditional way to get root access will not work. It will not work and sew on Russified custom or manually fill the localization, sew Google services.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Good screen;
  • Not bad (in class) camera;
  • Cute design.


  • Partial support for LTE;
  • Unusual operating system (the main disadvantage);
  • Inflated price from dealers on the stratum of sales.

Who likes Meizu M3?

Meizu M3 became a worthy successor M2 Mini and suitable for people who are not afraid of Chinese art and want a relatively compact (not a “shovel” to 5.5 “) smartphone. At the right price it is able to become a successful acquisition, as the ratio of” price / performance “does not lag behind its competitors.

The choice of colors (gray, white, blue, pink, gold) makes it attractive to both sexes. The main target audience – people who need “a bit of everything.” Meizu M3 normally works with the Internet, games, good takes, gives an acceptable sound passably holds a charge, but no more. Therefore, he will not like users who need just a couple of functions (eg, the Internet and games or camera and sound), but implemented at the highest level.

Our review Meizu M3

Meizu M3 – a balanced budget smartphone, the review of which did not reveal critical flaws. In general, it is good and fit a wide target audience. The only notable drawback (at time of writing) is the Chinese operating system, which an inexperienced user will be uncomfortable. If the manufacturer and make global version based on the system closer to the pure Android, minus can be considered irrelevant.