If someone is aware of the virtual reality of today everything is so Lucky Palmer, founder and inventor of the Oculus VR Oculus Rift. So if we ask anyone, it is the Lucky. Resource Kotaku.com took a brief interview with the creator of Oculus VR, and we will share his thoughts with you.

Looking far away in the future, Palmer sees a completely different type of Rift, devoid of wires and straps today’s models.

“Ultimately, these headsets will not need to connect to a PC, they will be dedicated chipsets are capable of generating all sorts of gaming experience. So when we do this and any user will enjoy the games that have to do content that fits the average person, not just the first-person shooter . “

At the moment, however, there is a definite reason why it is “heavy” content technology moves “games industry – the only industry with machinery and talent to create a three-dimensional environment in real time,” explains Palmer. This will change.

“Over time, as the virtual reality will move to other sectors, it will go beyond the games.Those people who are involved in the creation of three games today, will engage in the creation of architecture or virtual walks, movies, and other things. “

As we approach the future, Lucky sees the union of similar forces.

“Virtual and augmented reality come together in the end, because they use similar technologies, and ultimately will use the same hardware. And, most of all, everyone will reach the point when you can wear the headset all day long. Although it will take a lot of time. “

To give you a little idea of ​​how long it will take for you to turn us into a terminator with built-in Skype, take a look at the key interface Oculus Rift: the human eye.

“We need to increase the resolution of 10-15 times, before we reach the maximum potential of the human eye – said Palmer. – Screens needed to achieve this level of virtual reality is still very far away. There are limits, but we are not even close to them do not pick up. Still needs to work. “

Another popular idea that is often mentioned in connection with virtual reality – is the management body movement or tracking movements. But be that as it was not interested in Palmer, “no one has yet made a good decision.” Although this does not mean that he did not try to combine the technology and Oculus VR. The problem is that “technology does not work exactly as required by the virtual reality. It will take some time to develop, and the study of how monitoring body, hands, fingers will be compatible with virtual reality. All this is necessary to ensure that your body is literally gone into the virtual world and could interact with it in a natural way. “


Thus, if a sci-fi future can safely be ignored, what are the plans of Palmer?

“Continue sending DK2 (kit for developers Oculus) and developers continue to work on the product user to release it as soon as possible. “

Although elusive user option has not even announced, Palmer says he will be disappointed if you do not release a model before the end of 2015. He also noted that DK2 – last set for developers, which will be before the release of the consumer version.

No one knows when it will come for sure, but Lucky promises that in the final version of the device will be “higher the frame rate, resolution, it will be smaller, lighter and cheaper.”However, it is unclear what the shops: “We are definitely going to sell the kits on their website, but I’m not sure about retail. Retail sales are useless for certain types of products, especially for those hardcore gamers are used to buying on the Internet. “

With all the above, it does not mean that Rift will not be ubiquitous product.

“We see one in each house, but at the start we want to be realistic. People who buy them first, gamers will probably hardcore gamers, plus they need a powerful computer to run. As time passes, and Rift will become more and more meynstrimnym, but we will start to focus on this core. “

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