How to gain weight: expert advice

How to gain weight: expert advice


In the twenty first century mechanized society suffers from a sedentary lifestyle and diet, far from healthy. All this affects the weight: in recent years the number of overweight people is increasing rapidly. Losing weight is getting harder and harder to keep the dropped pounds in the normal range. So many of your friends will be surprised to learn that there are persons who are interested in how to gain weight. Today we’ll talk about it exactly.

Food should be correct

Learning that you wish to recover, you may envy and say, “I would your problem.” They do not realize that lack of weight can cause problems no less than its surplus. And the first advice they give you is to change the power to fast food, to eat not only after six, but after nine o’clock in the evening and so on. But it is very bad advice. After all, you need to not only recover, but also to maintain their health, and healthy meals to what kind will not.

A healthy diet should include fruits and vegetables, cereals, meat in large quantities. Pay attention to the food: from proteins to build muscle mass, carbohydrates – fat. How to gain weight? Drink more and that, and another.

Water balance

If you do not complain to the appetite, and weight is still small, it is likely you have an accelerated metabolism. Normalize it’ll help ordinary water. Pure spring mineral without gas or melt. It is necessary to drink an average of about two liters per day. Why? Because your body is composed of 80% liquid, and if you do not replenish the water lost through sweating or other functions of life, it will be in your body as well) stagnate; b) suck the toxins, waste and other harmful substances. Maybe you eventually will recover slightly, but the price is too high.

Athletic exercises

Perhaps familiar to learn that you are interested in how to gain weight, advise you forget the way to the gym.They are partially right: intense exercise to help burn calories. Therefore, if you stop training, then your body will start to cocoon. However, if you have a class not so tight, you should not deny yourself the pleasure of training. You can only change the type of exercise: ask the coach to pick you such that favor muscle growth.You do not have to turn into a killing machine with a mountain of muscle, but correct them relief and increase the weight so pretty simple.