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The game Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD

I can not tell in this review about the differences from the portable version , because I rogue and I do not have PlayStation Vita, so I was looking forward to this port , because it seemed to me that the main character girl and system guises – a breath of air in the series. But let us review.


And so, our heroine named Avelino de Grand Prix . She black family who has a higher status than slaves, which is very rare for those times . Venue – New Orleans – French colony. Duration shortly before the events of Assassin’s Creed III. About if I am not mistaken, the beginning of the 18th century.


The game begins with how we run around for a small Avelino for chicken (ala Fable) and losing his mother … and suddenly throws at us so 10 years ahead when Avelino already assassin and fights with slaveholders . And we did not explain more precisely in very vague description of the characters. And then start our adventure to destroy the liberation of slaves and slaveholders . It does not sound very fun, does not it? And yes , at the beginning of the story rubs on the spot. But closer to the middle of the game gives the turns. But it is interesting that there is not clear anything , ie we would like assassin, but the mother , which we accidentally stumble, says bad assassins.

Templars in the game play no role at all , except that at the end. And it is not clear who is good , who is bad , who is right and who is wrong. And in the end developers could zattralit us , and I even bombanulo . But everything turned out the light flash.

Also in the game has a certain E. Citizen , which reveals the ‘truth’ , giving the plot rolls , cut from the main branch . Characters in the game does not stand out much charisma . Not counting the Avelino . Playing for her perceive a completely different game. In cases where some Edward Kanu just with a smile on his face would kill Aveline shows both compassion and cruelty. It shows love for his stepmother . She has a friend and a brother bratsva she frendzonit entire game . Forgot to mention that about the storyline in the future can forget .

9/10 – Getting bored, but later it is surprising . Avelino chic character .


Welcome to New Orleans and its surroundings ! The game world is divided into two parts : the very New Orleans and some river delta , to name yet I do not remember . Map scattered chests with money , as always , coins Assassins, Maya figurines , which are only in Chichen Itza and more in one small area , diary pages Jeanne (mother Avellino ) , alligator eggs and gems .

The main innovation of the game – a system of quantities . Do Avelino has three guises : assassin , slave and mistress. Each of them has its own characteristics . In the guise of the assassin , you can use all the weapons and jump on the roofs , but this antics always have the first level of investigation. In the guise of a slave you can only use the hidden blades and small arms, but about this can pass unnoticed into the forbidden zone. Just at this antics fastest increases the level of investigation. In the guise of Ms. you can only use the hidden blades , but you dostupen umbrella with poisonous arrows . So you can go anywhere , very slowly, causing suspicion and even has the ability to captivate the guards and certain people to go to either or get items . But in this guise unavailable parkour .

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The game has a gunsmith shop where you can purchase weapons. While I personally went through the entire game using only the hidden blades in combat. There’s also a shop tailor, in which you can change the color of clothes, bags and buy improvement change the header on the hood assassin. Still there smugglers from whom you can buy small weapons and rare items . The game features a system of economy. It is made by the type of the third part , but slightly simplified. But you will use it often. In Avellino on past weapons have gadgets. There are air gun – stick, from which we can shoot different types of darts , as in Assassin’s Creed 4 . Have an umbrella, which has the same function. There whip , we can attract enemies. On this list is complete. There is canoeing , as in Assassin’s Creed 2 , but otherwise it’s the same Assassin’s Creed, with his parkour, fights with one button and ” ruthless ” stealth .

9/10 – the same Assassin’s Creed, but with an interesting system of quantities .


Ubisoft promised HD, here is the HD. I watched the screens portable version , and I can say that Ubisoft is not deceived , but can not be sure on the above said reason. As I understand it , hiked drawing , special effects, animation. In general pulled all . By this I do not pritenzy. All at a level not hurt the eyes . But bugs are waiting for us . Then you and the usual hang-ups, and not progruzki cut-scenes , and of falling through the texture, even at the loading site and subsequent desynchronization .

9/10 – not to schedule pritenzy , but bugs can sometimes be total .


Theme song in the game there , but there is a musical theme. This is sad.  So you play with subtitles. But British delights. But I advise you to play on the French for full immersio. Avelino voice and other characters are just marvelous , its French accent straight makes not believe it.

10/10 – no theme song , but her voice konpensiruet chic.


The game certainly is not up to the flagship series. There no epic battles on ships , there are no whole bucket in the future. But it is not necessary. Without this game will make you plunge into the New Orleans 18th century and feel the French Grand Prix de Avelino Assassin . Game exactly worthy of the attention of all ! Sometimes you wonder what game for a handheld console may be better than some AAA projects.

Pros: the female character , the system masks , intricate plot , a lot of things to search for , economic system (though not necessary), the atmosphere of France , elegant voice , decent graphics .

Cons: many bugs , a little bored gameplay Assassin’s Creed, the lack of music , the plot is boring at first .