14.08.2014 1:56


Microsoft Corporation in the exhibition Gamescom was to show themselves to the most favorable angle, as long as the console Xbox One is sold not as great as they would like.Let’s see if they have got it.

The conference opened with a roller from the game Assassins Creed Unity pleasant music. The game will be released on October 28th of this year.

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer appeared on the stage to the applause of the audience and is traditionally explained to all present, how wonderful to be the owner of a game console Xbox One. Microsoft console will be sold in 29 additional countries in September 2014. Of course, customers expect great new games like Assassins Creed Unity, GTA V, Destiny,Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, Halo: The Master Chief Collection and others.

FIFA 15 for Xbox One consoles and Xbox 360 will include an exclusive mode Ultimate Team, thanks to which players will be able to play for the legends of world football.Residents will be able to pre-order in Europe special set of Xbox One, a game controller and the game FIFA 15 for 349 euros.

Viewers cuts show video of gameplay from various indie projects under the program to support independent developers and tiny studios ID @ Xbox. Xbox One owners will finally be able to play in the Goat Simulator.

Space simulator with elements of designer Space Engineers. The first game will be on Xbox One and only then be released on other platforms.

Here and unique shooter with time manipulation SuperHot, who showed us, coupled with virtual reality headsets. The game will be released first for Xbox One.

New game from the authors of Worms studio Team 17 will be called The Escapists and reminiscent of the already well-known project Prison Architect, only now we will not have to survive in prison, and to escape from it.


Gameplay unusual adventure rpg Below looks pretty impressive. The game, of course, will first appear on the platform of Xbox One.

The creators of the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare shared with guests Gamescom their vision of how they see the perfect first-person shooter. Members Xbox One will be the first to receive access to the DLC-content. At the end of the speech the audience showed game-Plane video from the game. In the sale of the game will go on November 4. Of course, for everyone will be available to Xbox One console bundled with the game, symbols of the game on the case and the new capacious HDD to 1 TB. Pre-order can be issued from today.

Demonstration game pleya new shooter Evolve, which the authors are developing a series of Left 4 Dead. In January 2015 the owners of Xbox One will be available a beta version of the game. In the sale, she goes in February of the same year.

Developers of a new game about Lara Croft talked about how going development of the next game series Tomb Raider. The game will be released at the end of 2015, exclusively for Xbox One. This news caused a major stir in the web, but a little later information surfaced that the game will retain exclusive status only during the Christmas holidays of 2015, and then will be released on other platforms, including the PS4, and most likely, PC.

Sam Lake finally showed everyone the real game-play his new game Quantum Break.The player is able to stop time, without losing control over his character. For the rest, we see the usual third-person shooter in the style of Max Payne and Alan Wake.

New video Fable Legends, in which the player will be able to become not only a hero, but a villain. The beta version of the game will be available to owners of Xbox One in October.

A new game from internal studios Microsoft, which will be released in the spring of 2015, called Screamride and is a futuristic tycoon with the sea of ​​black humor, where everything is constantly collapsing and dying testers unusual attractions in batches.

Forza Horizon 2 will boast a new luxury cars and great graphics in photo. Total game will offer players more than 200 different models of sports cars and a lot of different game modes. The game became even more social and now integrates with social networks.

My favorite – the game Ori and the Blind Forest. Awesome indie project, which will be released this fall for the platform Xbox One. Panache and atmosphere of the game just incredibly beautiful.

New video Shooting Sunset Overdrive. The game will be released on 31 October. Of course, along with the game can be purchased and Xbox One game controller white color for only 399 euros. Preorder can be set from today.

It is the turn to blow the audience with new information about the long-awaited collection of games Halo: The Master Chief Collection. CG-saver for the game were redrawn artists legendary studio Blur, why do they look incredible. Included with the game you can also find the code for access to the beta version of Halo 5: Guardians, as well as a huge amount of video content.

Autumn also launched a special channel, completely dedicated to video, created based on the game – Halo Channel. Just think: a separate television channel dedicated to one game series.

The new firmware Xbox One will bring long-awaited by many possibilities. For example, users can now watch videos from flash drives, as well as using the media server installed, for example, on your PC. Also new firmware console and add new TV opportunities. Now watch TV through the service SmartGlass will be right on your plate if you are, for example, are in the other room. You will be able to put the television signal to pause at any moment, rewind it back or forward, without even interrupting their game on Xbox One.Gamers will also get new opportunities. For example, they will now see what they do in their friends network, and more.

At this conference is over, and began a more detailed online gameplay demonstration of individual games.