Sony tries to speak immediately after its rival Microsoft. No one knows what it is connected, but the Japanese seem to carefully plan his speech with an eye to the Redmond company.

Sony Conference under Gamescom started ten minutes ahead of, and everyone in the room showed a few trailers of games such as Little Big Planet 3, The Order: 1886, as well as DLC for the game inFamous: Second Son. But this we’ll see more at E3. Of course, everyone was waiting for Sony’s revelation.


New game-Plane game trailer Bloodborne stirred up the audience, since so many are waiting for is an ideological continuation of Demons Souls and Dark Souls.

Viewers demonstrate an epic opening theme of the conference with knockouts shots from different games for consoles family PlayStation.

After that, Jim Ryan, president of the European division of PlayStation, solemnly declared that in the world has sold more than 10 million PlayStation 4.

Studio Q-Games presented to the public its new game The Tomorrow Children under Russian military song “Polyushko-field.” It closely resembles the kind of anti-utopian communism simulator.

Was shown the first trailer for the incredibly beautiful quest The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

Author surreal game Thomas Was Alone on stage confessed his love Sony and introduced its new puzzle game for the console PlayStation Vita, which is called the Volume and will be released in 2015.

Cooperative game Hollowpoint lovers shooters. But this, again, indie-project and not a full-fledged expensive AAA-game.

Bohemia Interactive has announced a version of Day Z for the PlayStation 4.

Studio Ninja Theory showed the trailer of his new game Hellblade.


New video of one of the most anticipated games I – RIME. Exclusive PS4.

Cutting of indie projects have already become traditional for such conferences. Some games migrate to the PS4 with a personal computer. Among them you will notice Papers Please!

Employees of the studio Bungie showed a new video game-Plano its mega-project Destiny, about the beta version of which I recently wrote on our website. The game has already become the most predzakazyvat new IP in video game history.

New video chic, in my opinion, first person shooter Far Cry 4. remind you that those who buy the game for the PS4 will have some free keys, which can give your friends. Those entering the key in the PSN, will be able to join you in the game, even without a disk with it. With friends you can share held certain cooperative mission.

New game in the universe of “Lord of the Rings» – Shadow of Mordor. Exclusive game content for owners of PS4.

Came on stage the legendary Japanese game designer Hideo Kojima, who began to talk about his game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Not without its branded jokes Kojima. Painfully he loves cardboard boxes and naked beauties.

Studio Studio 7780 showed a very brief teaser of its new game PT seems that we are waiting for some kind of grim horror. In the future, we will talk more details about this game.

The new firmware the PlayStation 4 version 2.0 finally will download the video game in the video on YouTube. The second important news: the players will finally be able to transfer control of his game to any of your friends who are at home, through the service Play Together. In this case, they will not need to download or buy the game. They will be able to play remotely directly to your console. PlayStation Now service will soon be available to European (including Russian) players. Tiny console PlayStation TV will be sold in Europe for 99 euros. Let me remind you that with its help, you can play classic games for the very first PlayStation, as well as for handheld consoles, PlayStation Portable and PlayStation Vita.

Finally players have shown the long-awaited remake of the youth horror Until Dawn for PlayStation 4. Initially the game was supposed to go more for the PS3.

Viewers showed gameplay racing game DRIVECLUB, which is due out in October this year. The game will be added to photo mode, in which players can make incredibly beautiful pictures and share them on social networks.

Studio Media Molecule has ported its paper and cardboard game Tearaway on PlayStation 4. In it will be added some new features that are sure to attract the unusual project even more attention.

New game studio Housemarque, the authors Resogun, called Alienation and recalls their previous projects, which is necessarily present sea of ​​fire, destruction and special effects.

Michel Ancel, creator of the series Rayman, revealed a new game of their new studio Wild Sheep Studios, which is called the Wild. The game is developed exclusively for the PS4 and looks very unusual. It seems that the project is geared for online, and players will have to survive in the wild.

On this inspirational note Sony conference ended.

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