Gaming Mouse Zalman ZM-GM4 – unexpectedly interesting design and the ability to...

Gaming Mouse Zalman ZM-GM4 – unexpectedly interesting design and the ability to adjust the housing

Zalman company remains active in the market of gaming mice. About a year ago we were with some skepticism verdict handed down one of the first models – Zalman ZM-GM1. Today the range has grown more additional rulers, and to us for consideration came fourth version of the flagship – Zalman ZM-GM4.


  • Sensor: laser, Avago A9800
  • Cable length: 1.8 m
  • Weight: 135 g + 21 g (6 weights of 3.5 g)
  • Maximum resolution: 8200 dpi
  • Surface scanning frequency: 12000 fps
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz


Hinged lid package is created in order to draw attention to the product itself, so it makes sense to put in a box only needed.
In this case, a set of weights in a metal drum, instructions and a small disc with proprietary software.


During the tests, Zalman ZM-GM4 not leave indifferent any person from among those who caught the eye. This is easily explained – from an aesthetic point of view, the design turned out really catchy. New mouse Zalman stylistically close masthead motherboards ASUS Sabertooth; they would have looked good next.
The surface of the mouse form four plastic parts with non-marking soft-touch coating. They are separated by large plastic insert “under the metal.” The design of the left and right mouse buttons used common in expensive devices Switches Omron.
Window with four digits on the left button lights up blue and indicates the level selected DPI. It cycles through using the buttons under the wheel.
At our first meeting for the button is not accepted key to switch DPI, and a small plastic insert with a blue LED on the other side of the wheel. In fact, it just indicates a running laser sensor lighting with the slightest shift (and can not be disabled). Little rippled button on the left side, marked as Auto, serves as a double click.
C left side of the body invisibly inscribed button “Forward” and “Back” time-saving when web surfing.In this case, however, they would be appropriate to move a little to the side of the cable. Function button is formed as an elastic slider back into place after the shift itself. By default, it opens a new tab in your browser.
Housing mouse can extend a few millimeters on each side. You do not have to look for additional tools, as desired size hexagon already built into the mouse.
It is not only convenient, but also attractive: sticking out of the mouse body hexagon with a loop adds brutality image.
Hex brings two more functions. First – a change length of the casing through the rear of the jack. Here the difference between the extreme positions we have not been able to discern.
Allen also needed in order to open the transparent cover weights. The manufacturer did not hide it at the bottom, but rather made it a central element of the design and as a result has not lost.
At the bottom of the mouse are large rubber substrate, providing excellent traction. Cable Mouse dressed in a textile braid, but in order to minimize the extra part attached to it with velcro closure.Attention to such detail is undeniably captivating.
Build Quality Zalman ZM-GM4 is high. Despite the unusual, conspicuous design, the manufacturer was able to keep the classic body shape, do not forget about the side buttons, and additional “body kit” does not hurt the overall usability.


Branded utility to configure the mouse is installed from the disk supplied. Progress is evident even at first glance: the software is no longer written on the knee looks like it was the model ZM-GM1 .
With the application can assign a command to any of the 9 buttons on the mouse – in the list of keys are present as usual, and some of the commands needed to work with Windows and documents. To save the settings available three profiles. With the mouse, you can not switch them. The DPI is regulated in the range from 200 to 8200 in steps of 200.
But though outwardly application and became more attractive employment problems have not gone away. The application is very long response by pressing the Apply button after making changes.Moreover, the changes are not made in the end. We tried all the buttons in all profiles – unsuccessfully. Adjust the DPI also failed. We hope that this problem will be fixed by the time when the ZM-GM4 appear in Russian stores.


Mouse with adjustable housing, oddly enough, often suffer from the fact that they are inconvenient to use. Manufacturers aim to impress the audience artsy design, giving the mouse over the “full control” (as they say in bad publicity vehicles). Zalman does not stumble on this slippery slope. Therefore, despite the attractive design, the mouse ZM-GM4 not take time getting used to. Trim size of the shell special practical value does not bear.
Fairly large size suggests that the user’s palm will be placed on the body, and the wrist rest on the surface of the table. This grip is the most convenient. The only drawback in this case would be a pair of side buttons “back and forth.” Because of their shape and thin glossy coating thumb is not fixed and often slips.
To work the mouse itself, we can not find fault, but because the company refused to run the application, the positive impression was blurred.


Zalman company known mostly for computer components market, and to explore the ZM-GM4 we expected to see an entirely ordinary, nothing outstanding “rodent” with average characteristics. But the reality turned out differently. The new flagship mouse has a very interesting design, but it still remains easy to use. It is a pity that Zalman have overlooked soft part of the question – because of this recommend ZM-GM4 to purchase we can not.
Price Zalman ZM-GM4 in foreign stores varies in the area of ​​$ 75.
  • Attractive original design
  • Retaining the classic shape of the body and the location of switches
  • Textile braided cable with adjustable length
  • Tool to adjust the housing is built into the mouse
  • Corporate software has not earned
  • A pair of side buttons are not too comfortable designed and placed