17.08.2014 9:51

Garage: Audi A3 Sportback

Aristocrat semeika MQB. And spit on the kin of the merchants

We have in the garage already visited the new Volkswagen Golf and Skoda Octavia. And a few of our big MQB- test, we decided to try out a new platform in the premium wrapper. Here it is, in the form of Audi A3 Sportback.

Good, especially in red. With the S Line package and with big wheels  Audi A3 Sportbacklooks more harmonious, more solid and more “fellow party members.” However, not only looks – it is really expensive.  Audi A3 Sportback  for the money – the embodiment of modesty: ESP, airbags, halogen, electric, air conditioning, unpretentious music, leather on the steering wheel and … everything. But do not throw tomatoes Audi. Here the sea of ​​options, and the price is not infarcted. You only need to carefully pick them up. Antiprimer that – a test hatch. But the “gathering” in the configurator your  Audi A3 Sportback, we got it for the same money! And in addition the choice of modes Drive Select, Bi-Xenon, Alcantara, folding and dimming mirrors, adaptive cruise control. And even the S Line package saved. In the red – sunroof, leather, an inch in size, wheels, electrical seat … It is necessary to you?

Garage: Audi A3 Sportback

  • On the screen cleaned interior minimalist and beautiful. It is a pity that in the well-equipped A3 without a display can not do
  • Washer with buttons – the perfect solution. The main thing – to learn which way to turn it

And what a value! It seemed that the Golf – ideal. But Audi is even better – on materials, clearances, design finally. Yes, in the heart of fashionable sticks now display as a symbol of premium – the same worn and BMW, and Mercedes. But praise Audi – it’s tucked away on the  Audi A3 Sportback! First I pushed for fun (still see there except radio, nothing), and by the end of the test already hated – how much easier and more harmonious without interior! But he stubbornly getting out each time you start the engine …

Garage: Audi A3 Sportback

GOOD LUCK – Audi A3 Sportback

  • The most beautiful in the big MQB-family
  • There is an option with all-wheel drive – we tried this too. Loved it!
  • Rich configuration options

PUNCTURES –  Audi A3 Sportback

  • Stiff suspension, motor box. Treated correct configuration of the car in order: take Drive Select!

But the sled habits of  Audi A3 Sportback MQB-holder is not beaten. Handling and are good with sports suspension Sportback was sharp and accurate. But harsh on the little things – not necessary Golf Hatch 18-inch rollers. And for those who tire size still matters should probably look to a separate subspecies MQB, which surpasses the power of the motors 200 hp But they are like some other time …