Garage: VW Golf. Report 2

Garage: VW Golf. Report 2


Partake of European values

Cochetaya German pedantry with a worldwide scale, Volkswagen puts the purchaser of the real problem. Concern cuts its lineup as sandwiches theater buffet. Thinly-thinly. And you stand and eat a thought as to take such that less bread, sausage and more …

Well, judge for yourself. Under the hood of the seventh Golf we offer one diesel and four petrol engines already, by the power only 17-20 horses. The Germans, by the way, this list is complemented with a breaking cylinder engine, a small 1.6-liter diesel engine and four-wheel drive. And all these Comfort-, High-and other “line”, the difference between them can be covered by a long sleep Scoma options?

After a sandwich, pulling out of the middle (122 hp, Comfortline + a bunch of options), we decided to try the Golf, which, according to Volkswagen, better at 27.5 percent. At least long enough it is more expensive. That there be payable for the extra three grand?

First of all – leather in the cabin (almost 66,000). Not Scottish or New Zealand (“People’s” Golf is not an exclusive Jaguar – there are no Scottish pasture is not enough), but it is quality. We really had put her “Like”, but then frosts struck. And it turned out that the skin warms Golf indecently long time (as opposed to “rags”). Another option was useless button Mode, which changes drayverskie settings. You can certainly play with modes Eco, Normal or Sport, but in everyday life lacks a simple translation DSG Sport position and back.

Electric handbrake – already in the basic version

VW is cool in the details: how many phones and nerves save such a simple inscription?

In 300000th a raise and a lot of pleasant things. Huge hatch (albeit outdated winter), adaptive cruise control (may inhibit himself to a full stop), and finally, in the turbo 140 hp 122-strong against the white Hatch. It seems to be a total of 18 horses – Golf with them even “warm” can not be called, not that “hot”. A ride more comfortable. Hitch at the start of almost disappeared, as well as turboyamu – DSG loves it when the time is more …

But the most interesting – extra power did not have to pay the cost! He was again fantastic low – 7.7 l/100 km, already without any discounts for the New Year holidays. Why is this? We understand – for the next month we have in the garage was prescribed Golf mechanics.

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