16.05.2015 2:10

The German government has suffered from hackers attacks

One after the other Western countries have reported hacking attacks. Yesterday, the Russian hackers have complained Americans today are alarmed by the Germans. The attack on the network of Computer Bundestag informs resource Spiegel-online.
According to the German Bundestag Ernst Hebecker, internal computer network was attacked by unknown hackers. Consequences of severe attacks. Currently the staff of the Federal Office for Information Security are working on getting it fixed, and collect data about the attack.

This is not the first attack by hackers on the German government structures. Earlier this year, hackers have blocked the site of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German parliament. Responsibility for the attack took the group “Kiberbergut” who disagree with the foreign policy that Germany has chosen.

The Americans, meanwhile, are suffering from another hacker group called ART28. According to US experts, hackers based in Russia and attack computer networks NATO allies. Actions ART28 were so professional that the attack categories, as is the case with today’s attack in the Bundestag, calculated only on the results. However, yesterday the head of a company that deals with protection against cyber threats, proudly reported that the first time they were able to prevent an attack on America’s largest banks.