11.10.2014 6:16

In Germany, the exhibition will celebrate a century bra

This year marks 100 years of the bra. This intimate item of women’s clothing has replaced the corset in 1912, but was officially patented only two years later.Event noted in the German Frankfurt am Main with a special exhibition at the Museum of Communications.

According to DW-World.de , exhibition, which opened on October 10 called “Body Talks. 100 years of the bra.” The exhibition consists of more than one hundred items – from corsets, bikinis to “magic bra”, or Wonderbra.

Visitors to the museum from the wall welcomes designer quote that “ugly chest does not happen, there are only properly fitted bras.”

As noted by curator Julia Bastian, “bra can tell a lot about gender roles, ideals of beauty, taboos and norms of morality.” Organizers of the event say that none of the garments did not cause so much controversy and debate. A separate section of the exhibition is devoted New Yorker, Mary Phelps Jacob, in 1914, which issued a patent for a bra.

In the last century, as noted DW-World.de, bra has become a symbol of the movement for the liberation of women, and the equation of equality with men.Before it went on sale, the woman was forced to keep her breasts through close corset. Wearing it was judged not only torture, but it was not safe for health as much corset squeezed internal organs.

The first model will be in stores bra called “Hautana”. Invented it in 1912, Sigmund Lindauer, progressive German entrepreneur and inventor, before producing corsets. And bras manufacturer switched to a piquant reason: during the honeymoon, in which he traveled with his young wife, new husband had a lot of time to spend on it to deal with lots of buckles on the corset of his beloved.

In 1913, the invention Lindauer was put on stream. “Women’s beauty – it’s girl power!” – As advertised entrepreneur developed his model of the bodice sewn from soft stretch fabric and lacking in contrast to the corset, uymy inconvenient details. Over the past years, since the time it was developed many kinds of bras. Today, a woman can choose from a variety of options: increasing breast bra wonderbra effect “push-up”, only half covering the bust “balconette” slightly raise breast “braser” or “gangs” Strapless.