In Germany, for improving bicycle ride lying overclocked more than 100 km...

In Germany, for improving bicycle ride lying overclocked more than 100 km / h


“Recumbent” or as they are sometimes called “rikambenty” – a special racing bikes, the main feature of which is that the cyclist in them is lying. This unusual location allows the pilot to achieve unprecedented results in the design of bicycles themselves, as well as in the field of speed records, which can be installed on them.

The German manufacturer has released a new bike TroyTec recumbent that can disperse over 100 km \ h downhill. In a straight line on the asphalt road terrain, the new recumbent easily gaining 44-50 km \ h The only drawback of new items as recumbent disadvantage of all is that at this very uncomfortable bike uphill climb. The reason the human anatomy and design bicycle – the pilot recumbent is simply no way to lean his whole weight on the pedal, so you have to rely only on leg strength.

I should add that in the recumbent cyclist is in the supine position. This arrangement allows us to reduce the load on your back to 0%, significantly reduce the likelihood of head injuries after falling from a bicycle, as well as improving overall security.

The main drawback remains recumbent their high price. In the case of novelty TroyTec, can only add that one bike German designers “shoved” once 12. Using a special tool set for 2-3 hours, you can completely reconfigure existing recumbent.

In addition to this, the inventors finally solved the problem of the heavy weight of their bike. Recumbent TroyTec weighs only 8 kg, achieved this result was due to the introduction of ultra-light carbon fiber materials. The cost of one such bike TroyTec will range from 4700 to 5300 euros depending on the modification.

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