05.02.2014 2:37

In Germany, there was an inverted house

Recently in Germany appeared unusual house, seeing that, one wonders: a miracle, a man revealed the secret of levitation or house held in the air due to the magnetic field. In fact, in this wonderful house just all turned upside down: hanging over the head of the table, sofa, chairs and all the other furnishings and household items. Becomes a little uncomfortable – because any of the items piled on her head, and will not find it.

But the home owner Jorg Oster thought through every detail. All items in this house are screwed tightly. Where it is impossible to screw the screw, used glue. The house itself is held on the roof, fortunately, not glue and screws, and powerful beams of steel.

Luxury and exclusive real estate in Germany is ubiquitous, but, nevertheless, to look at this house people come from all over the country and tourists. Each of them not only try to get inside the house, but also to take a picture there.

Plaque in the house reads: “No bottle here will not understand.” However, this is not a call. Drink alcohol in the house upside is strictly prohibited. Many visitors fall in this house, istaptyvayut dizziness, and sometimes nausea.

The owner of the unusual properties of the house explains that he is not just upside down, and set at an angle, which further violates the sense of balance. “I myself did not notice. I spent a lot of time here, but visitors often enough becomes ill, “- says Jorg Oster.

A special pride of the owner of an inverted house – bathroom. However, guests experience the real culture-shock when they see hanging directly overhead outdoor toilet.

But the kids from the playroom in the house upside come to a real delight. They can have some fun here, to measure the height, climb into the pot and play hide and seek.

Having spent in this house just a few minutes in the house-shifters start to think that the cause of the problem lies not in the house, and you personally. But they say to make sure you’re still mad not come down enough to handle, such as a book, and make sure it does not fall exactly up.