Seven gifts for men this Valentine’s day

Seven gifts for men this Valentine’s day


Certainly among your friends, acquaintances and relatives there is at least one sample harsh masculinity, which has taken root deep love for plaid flannel, wild mountains and abundant facial hair.

And this only with an austere pattern gifts deserves nothing less than everyone else.

Here are 7 simple and amusing options for how to make it a little less harsh and a little happier.

Candles of coal

Illumine and gloomy den, and his stern face. And do not break its close connection with nature.

Soap from cider

Handmade soap of homemade apple cider – the perfect solution for harsh exfoliation with a spicy flavor. And the skin under harsh beard is soft and tender.


As you know, better than mountains can be only mountains, but rather t-shirts – t-shirt for only “Mountains name.” After all, he is always ready to answer the call of the mountains. And with a flannel shirt again looks marvelous.

Mustache wax

Made by hand from natural ingredients. Allow to keep its abundant vegetation in an exemplary manner, or even in some creative way.


Nothing so clearly demonstrates the strong union with nature, as a ring of wood. Nothing so clearly emphasizes masculinity, such as titanium. And in general a beautiful ring.

Set handkerchiefs

To wipe the sweat from his brow after a hard uphill climb, whisk the crumbs from his beard after a hearty meal in the lap of nature, well, or blow your nose at the worst.

Marshmallow tastefully bourbon

When a real man’s spirit meets softness obtained here are tastefully bourbon marshmallow. It is recommended to fry at the stake diluted own manly hands.