Gigabyte Aorus Thunder M7: flagship mouse with lots of programmable keys

Gigabyte Aorus Thunder M7: flagship mouse with lots of programmable keys

Aorus Thunder M7


Manufacturer realized that the meaning of a small weight to weight the mouse a little, and instead supplied Aorus  Thunder M7 hard wardrobe trunk volume. If necessary, it can be easy to make universal, removing form-holders.

Ceramic legs Aivia Krypton, it seems, also earned the expected success, so the new mouse is attached is simply an additional set of plastic – a budget solution.


  • Resolution: 200-8200 dpi
  • Maximum acceleration: 30G
  • Maximum movement speed: 150 inches / sec
  • The speed of the surface treatment: 12000 frames / sec
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
  • Resource left and right buttons: 20 million keystrokes (switches Omron)
  • Cable length: 1.8 m
  • Weight: 110 g (excluding cable)
  • Dimensions: 116 × 70 × 44 (mm)


Look Aorus Thunder M7 get much more sophisticated than its predecessor, but the size, although it decreased slightly. If Aivia Krypton was slightly larger than our reference Corsair M60 , the novelty is almost identical to it in length and width (height only slightly more).
Gigabyte Aorus Thunder M7: flagship mouse with lots of programmable keys
Hull shape has remained virtually unchanged. The main part is made of soft-touch plastic that is resistant to fingerprints.
The upper panel is divided into two halves, black and graphite. Under the left button has a transparent insert that with a little effort, you can also press the left button as.
For plastic parallelogram visible shimmering logo Aorus.
In the middle of the body – the small buttons to adjust the sensitivity of the cursor and the four-position indicator. This arrangement is standard, but uncomfortable, because all elements obscured by palm.
Narrow rubberized scroll wheel step by step, but pretty easy. Horizontal scrolling is not provided.
Front wheel highlighted by two frightening “eyes”. Their color may vary depending on the viewing angle.
Gigabyte Aorus Thunder M7: flagship mouse with lots of programmable keys
C on the right side is inserted another transparent window behind which there is a sort of internal combustion engine with four nozzles. And another inscription Aorus, this time just brilliant.
Near the manufacturer for some reason fit one extra shiny button. With the active movement of the mouse is always accidentally pressed the ring finger, which quickly starts to get annoying. Therefore, this button we all turned off.
Most of the buttons Aorus Thunder M7 is concentrated on the left side. All the keys are small in size and intricate form. Thumb aside as many as six that initially led to confusion.
To reach the farthest of the six buttons have to make too much movement. Push the near and uncomfortable. Remains a square of four keys: two of them are used for logical transitions in the browser, and another two to adjust to fit.
Two additional buttons are used for the index finger. Like all similar keys, they fit only for those rare moments when not activated primary mouse button.
Through the use of transparent elements and diverse lighting design Gigabyte Aorus Thunder was interesting and eye-catching. But from a practical point of view, all the more controversial.
Gigabyte Aorus Thunder M7: flagship mouse with lots of programmable keys
Together with the mouse Gigabyte came to us, “a cloth Kovreyshestvo» Aorus Thunder P3 Lord. Meter long, 40 cm wide, 3 mm in thickness. Judging from the shape, it is supposed to dim the entire table by sliding in a central recess display.


To configure the mouse are five profiles. Each of them is assigned to 16 controls and four levels of DPI (not counting the “sniper”, which can be assigned to an arbitrary button).
In addition, Aorus Thunder M7 allows the adjustment of the sensor used for the surface on the fly, securing the appropriate command for any button. But to assign the mouse button the recorded macro, we, unfortunately, were not able to, even though the usual commands installed with no problems.Decided to issue a thorough cleaning mouse memory and reinstall the application.
Gigabyte Aorus Thunder M7: flagship mouse with lots of programmable keys
The sensitivity index is given flexibility – in the range from 50 to 8200 dpi in increments of 50 dpi.Backlight mode is selected from the ten colors, separately configurable intensity “headlights.” Backup copy of all the mouse settings, its internal memory can be saved on the PC.


To all controls Gigabyte Aorus Thunder were on hand, you need to fully grasp the mouse hand.
But even in this case, will have to choose: either a couple of extra buttons for the index finger, or the entire unit to a large (and not only three of the six keys). Small size and similar shape does not contribute to the intuitive operation; easy to confuse the upper and lower pairs of buttons for the thumb.
Gigabyte Aorus Thunder M7: flagship mouse with lots of programmable keys
With so many buttons on the left for a further buttons on the right looks like a controversial decision.And no wonder – worth tighter clasp mouse, and the ring finger is exactly on the right-glossy, which is very easy to work. By default, it is responsible for switching between profiles.
The rest use mouse left a good impression. Aorus Thunder M7 provides a good grip on the palm and the surface, so that you can easily do without the rug. Braided cable is not creased, if necessary, it can be contracted. Internal memory is working without any problems.


Aorus Thunder M7 draws original solutions in the design, due to which it really looks like a flagship model. Brings a bit, unfortunately, the practical side of the issue, namely the implementation of a large number of buttons. Now on the market there are a number of models with the number of buttons, rolled over a dozen, and Aorus Thunder M7 will be difficult to compete with them.
Gigabyte Aorus Thunder M7: flagship mouse with lots of programmable keys
Estimated price mouse in Europe is $ 70. In Russia, that can be found only a few offers in the region of 2,800 rubles, which is comparable to the cost of MMO-mice competitors.
  • The original design
  • Good traction
  • The presence of internal memory
  • Practical case in the configuration
  • Inconvenient button ring finger
  • Small size and not too successful arrangement of additional keys on the left side
  • DPI indicator is not visible in hand
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