16.02.2014 9:48


The star of “The X-Files” actress Gillian Anderson in his time was considered one of the sex symbols. But now it is quite active feminist and sexual exploitation opposes portrayals of women. Though if we talk about sexuality, she can, if desired Gillian outdo any actress twice her junior.

Anderson flashed on the eve of the party on the eve of BAFTA film awards ceremony in London. 45-year-old actress appeared in an elegant black evening bustier dress, emphasizing her slender figure. At the same time, deep cleavage to demonstrate that with a bust of the star all right.

According to the fashion critics, celebrity look not only elegant, but also very sexy. Although in a recent interview, the actress admitted that she does not want to think about their candid photo shoots for men’s magazines. “I’m afraid that while I had less respect for themselves and it was easier to use their sexuality. I can confidently say about feminism, but at the same time with ease to pose nude for gloss. I did not see the connection between these things. Only in the last 10-15 years, began to notice the discrepancy and what it means for women. “

Meanwhile, the Hollywood elite and the British had already mentally prepared for awards ceremony of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) , which will be held on Sunday, February 16.

Leader in the number of nominations became the band Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity.” Sandra Bullock, who played in “Gravity,” the title role, selected shortlisted nomination for “Best Actress”. Competition comes from Amy Adams, flashed in the film “The Sting-up”, Cate Blanchett who played in the movie “Jasmine”, Emma Thompson – ¬ęSaving Mr. Banks” and Judi Dench – film “Philomena”.