Glass smartphone Meizu U10 Review

Glass smartphone Meizu U10 Review

New Glass smartphone Meizu U10 Review: Specs/Features & Price/Buy

We’ve learned that if the low-cost smartphone, it will likely be in the case of cheap plastic. And if at times push Nokia alternatives, in general, it was not, but now thanks to the Chinese producers to find a metal or glass smartphone for sale money is easy.

A striking example – fresh the smartphone Meizu U10 review. The manufacturer, which is already well known in Europe, introduced a smartphone, embodied the traits of the flagships of Apple design, the Samsung, and Sony. Features at the level – smartphone copes with “heavy” games, although not on the highest setting, unlocked fingerprints and makes high-quality photos. However, first things first.

Design: smartphone Meizu U10 review

The smartphone Meizu U10 review – “Glass” smartphone. His foundation and frame along the edges are made of aluminum, and she set the glass back panel, curved at the edges. The screen is also covered 2,5D-curved glass, tempered and laminated on the GFF technology. Due to this, the smartphone not only looks incredibly stylish and pleasant is the hands, and long retains the original appearance.

New Glass smartphone Meizu U10 Review: Specs/Features & Price/BuyThe glass smartphone Meizu U10 review looks more expensive than it actually is.

The downside – Meizu U10 quite collects fingerprints (on the black version is especially noticeable) and can slip out of hand. This is a feature of all glass smartphones, so we recommend to wear a gadget in the bag.

Screen: smartphone Meizu U10 review

Screen size the smartphone Meizu U10 review – 5 inches, resolution – HD (1280×720 pixels). The picture saw whole, alive. Matrix Screen – IPS: it keeps the bright, saturated colors, and a sunny day, and in a dark room.

Although low-cost smartphone, the screen is to be commended.

The screen has an oleophobic coating. Fingerprints, grease, and dirt easily wipe with a soft cloth (or a T-shirt, be realistic). The sensor is very sensitive, responds well to touch, even if you have cold fingers.

Performance: smartphone Meizu U10 review

The smartphone Meizu U10 review is set to 8-core processor MediaTek 6750. The four cores running at 1.5 GHz, the other four – on the lower, 1 GHz. In this way, when performing complex tasks smartphone uses all eight cores: it increases capacity, but also increases the drain on the battery. When you read the SMS, talking on the phone or run other simple applications that do not work all the core – the smartphone does not slow down but consumes less energy.

New Glass smartphone Meizu U10 Review: Specs/Features & Price/Buy

In terms of performance, we face a typical “middling”, which will cope with all tasks.However, three-dimensional graphics settings in games will have to be reduced.

Due to such a “division of labor” battery capacity of 2760 mAh Meizu U10 enough for the whole day. Supports fast charging – energy is replenished by 45% faster than the smartphones that were released earlier.

Versions smartphone Meizu U10 review two, and they differ in the number memory (and accordingly cost). In junior – 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, the older – 3 and 32 GB respectively. The memory card slot is there, but it is a hybrid: you can set or two SIM-cards to save on calls and mobile internet, or SIM-card and the microSD card to put more photos, music, and videos. The maximum amount of memory card that recognizes your smartphone – 128 GB.

Cams: smartphone Meizu U10 review

Resolution main camera smartphone Meizu U10 review – 13 MB. Flash two-tone – it allows you to more accurately reproduce natural colors in photos taken at night or indoors. Autofocus phase – it is faster than the contrast, which was used in older smartphones, and allows you to successfully catch the shot fast running children, animals, athletes, etc.

New Glass smartphone Meizu U10 Review: Specs/Features & Price/Buy

The main smartphone camera supports shooting in Full HD – video can be watched on a big screen TV without stretching. Available slow motion and other standard modes.

Resolution front camera – 5MP. Photo quality average, but the software filters can improve the pictures. For example, you can apply a filter to smooth the skin before the shooting and see the result in advance.
the camera application is quite simple. There is an automatic mode that copes well enough with the shooting, but if you want to play with the settings, switch to professional mode.

Other features: smartphone Meizu U10 review

In smartphone Meizu U10 review fingerprint scanner built into the button “Home” screen below. It allows the owner to unlock the smartphone in a fraction of a second and does not allow other users to “dig” in your device.

Corporate graphical interface – the standard of brevity.However, the same can be said about all interfaces in Chinese smartphones – they are all similar to iOS.

New Glass smartphone Meizu U10 Review: Specs/Features & Price/Buy

Powered Meizu U10 running Android 6.0 in a shell Flyme The new version of the operating system economize on memory and battery power and simplifies the use of the shell smartphone. Russification interface on top!

Conclusion: smartphone Meizu U10 review

New Glass smartphone Meizu U10 Review: Specs/Features & Price/Buy

The smartphone Meizu U10 review – the stylish slim smartphone that looks very modern and powerful enough for most tasks – video viewing, social networking, not too complicated games and other applications. In addition to the Meizu U10 established a good camera and a fingerprint scanner.

Replacing the usual plastic glass and metal, the manufacturer has made a gift to users – has offered an inexpensive smartphone, whose design is not inferior to the flagship. Depending on your needs and budget you can choose one of two versions of the Meizu U10 – they differ in memory.

Source: Mobcompany