29.05.2014 7:52

On the global stock market decline was observed

Observed a slight decrease in quotations Wednesday May 28 at the global stock market. Prior to that, the U.S. S & P500 index for three consecutive days to update its historical maximum. Probably some investors decided to take profits , analysts TeleTrade.

Relevant data in the U.S. yesterday was not, but today they are just expected. There is concern that they may disappoint market participants. Among these will be published first quarter GDP in the second reading and unemployment in the week as well – information on pending transactions in the housing market .

According to analysts TeleTrade, most forecasts are negative for the stock market . Except for labor market indicators this week , which can be quite decent. Recall that the basis of the previous growth was the idea that the Fed will not raise rates bude in the near future and will keep monetary stimulus the U.S. economy.