God, hygiene and living with a musician: 5 new revelations Katy Perry

God, hygiene and living with a musician: 5 new revelations Katy Perry


With hoists available some information that singer Katy Perry said in an interview with a large GQ. Today newspaper published fragments of the conversation with the pop diva has released his fourth CD «Prism» at the end of last year. We already had a chance to know what the song was when Katie lost her virginity, we know that the singer had dreamed that her “boobs grow so large that I could not see his feet,” but GQ threw us new food for thought. Here are five highlights of the interview.

1. She – a fan of hygiene

“I like Howard Hughes – says the singer. – I use baby wipes. I brush my teeth. I regularly take a shower. I am very, very clean.”

2. It might even spend time on your instagram

“In this world, too much feeling of self-importance. God knows, I just hate those bitches who think that all are entitled. It’s, like when they say, “Have you seen my instagram?” No, I have not seen your instagram! I have been doing something else, lived their lives. Do you want me to see your instagram – send me a link. “

3. She does not respect your obsession with mobile phone

“Why do not you try this: phone lies quietly for 10 minutes, and you lift your head, and you have no face glowing garbage?” – Offers Katy.

4. She stated that she is happy to meet with the musician, although the name “John Mayer” and did not say

“The beauty of the relationship with the musician that he understands what I live. When both main love – music, many simply do not need to explain, and eventually save energy. “

5. The first CD she bought, suddenly self-destructed

“It was an album of Incubus« Make Yourself », which was a track« Pardon Me ». I brought him home at the bottom of the backpack. Parents never searched my bag, but my mother always had good intuition and a special relationship with God, so I think she suspects something. I remember how, went to her room and covered her with a blanket under the door, it was hard to enter. I opened the box and tried to get the disc, and it breaks in his hands. And I thought: “Maybe this is a sign? Maybe I should never listen to this music? “Mounting bonding: these days!”