11.04.2014 11:46

Gofor, the drone becomes personal assistant

In the future, the drones could perform certain tasks on demand. At the moment it is a concept, but the idea is very interesting.

A fake California startup has imagined a future in which drones will become personal assistants. A fleet of quadricotteri will always be available to perform any task on demand. Gofor is the name of the company, “founded” by Alex Cornell and Phil Mills, who have shown in a video feature of the app for the iOS, with which follow the evolution of the drones. Currently it is just a concept, but it could soon become a reality.

Cornell Mills and Gofor have described as the “Uber for drones.” In a similar way to the taxi service , users will use a map to search and book one of the drones nearby, and require the performance of a task. The app for iPhone and iPad includes several pre-set tasks, but you can assign custom tasks using voice commands. When the drone reaches the user (indicates the time of arrival) will be made ​​to pair with your mobile device and from that moment on, the client can control the drone and display the images on the screen in real time.


In the following video you can see some tasks that the drones might make (the images are not real):

The user can call the quadricopter to take a Super Selfie, explore a place (Location Scout), control your home (Home Security), “watch his back” (Protect Me) and follow the path of a car (Follow My car), for example, to communicate the presence of an accident or a speed camera, and look for a parking space. Each object captured by the camera is identified by a tag, which will be shown by tapping various information. But all this is still not possible for several reasons, including the limited autonomy of the drones and the lack of regulations that allow them freedom of movement.

The idea, however, is very interesting and could become a reality in the coming years. Since Cornell and Mills have posted the video on YouTube, I received many emails from Texas Instruments and Google employees who asked if they were hiring and if they need help.