31.05.2014 7:55

Going abroad? Think about your mobile devices!

Going on a trip, you can get carried away and completely forget that you need to protect the most valuable. Of course, the family above all else, but now we talk about communication devices. If you lose your mobile device, you lose not only the unit itself but also all the data you need. However, things are not so bad if prepared in advance, going to another country.

1. Ensure that the device is supported by the work there, where you are going

Traveling around the country, this can not worry about, but, going abroad, you should know in advance will not have any problems with your unit. Contact your network operator. Help you set up your phone, or advice on what to do upon arrival.

2. Keep your technique to yourself (or leave in the hotel safe)

Even if you are going to a safe place, it is impossible to take into account all the nuances. In many countries, tourists are most prone to robbery because they attract attention. Tablets, laptops and smartphones is better to hide from prying eyes. Let the hotel writing lock all valuables that you leave. Many hotels offer store valuables in a special safe for which they are responsible. In case of loss you unaccounted values, the hotel does not accept any responsibility.

3. Insure that can

If your mobile or tour operator offer insurance, do not give up. There is nothing wrong with a small fee for the assurance that your item replaced in case of loss (or at least partially compensate for the damage). Discuss the possibility with both insurance companies. Do not forget about health insurance!

4. Leave at home all without which you can do

Make sure you take only those devices without which did not do. The more you take with you, the more likely that will bring back not all. If you are afraid of losing mobile, check whether you can take the phone for rent on site. Then find out whether this phone will be tied to your laptop to access the Internet, if the property has no Wi-Fi or Ethernet (although now there are no problems even in the poorest countries).

5. Verify whether an adapter is needed

Usually advised to bring an adapter to change the voltage. In fact, it is not always necessary. Usually stock up enough plug appropriate to an outlet of the country where you are going. Some devices operate at a voltage as 220, and at 115. Typically this information is available at the charger plug. For example, on my phone charger means “100-240 volts AC,” so that I can charge it without the adapter almost everywhere, simply by purchasing the appropriate plug.

Travel safely!

To impressions of the trip were the most enjoyable, do not forget to take advantage of these recommendations. Gay Travel!