Seven good reasons to visit Australia

Seven good reasons to visit Australia

good reasons visit australia 01
good reasons visit australia 01

Australia – Far and unusually attractive country for travelers, occupying an area of ​​the whole continent, provides a variety of recreational opportunities for every taste. We offer 7 things with which to start discovering Australia.

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

The largest arch bridge in the world is the Sydney Harbour Bridge , built in Sydney in 1932. Bridge is visible from many parts of the city, so admire them from the available for free and at any time. But for fans of extreme sports there is an option with a three-hour climb to the top of the bridge. A group led by a guide storms Harbour Bridge, and from its summit enjoys panoramic views of breathtaking.

Organizes climbs company «BridgeClimb» and they cost 250 AUD (Australian dollars) per person. (1AUD = $ 1)

See kangaroos

Kangaroo – the undisputed symbol of Australia and although the animal can be seen in other countries, here it’s different.

Wishing to see kangaroos can go to a local zoo (by the way, Zoos Australia one of the best in the world) or visit the tour to Kangaroo Island, located a hundred kilometers from the coast of Adelaide. Here animals live in huge quantities, and most importantly, feel very relaxed in the natural environment.

Try Australian cuisine

Australia – a country of immigrants, so the country’s cuisine is one of the most diverse and interesting in the world. On the shelves of Australian supermarkets can be found very exotic products from around the world, and restaurants chefs create real masterpieces of ingredients such as shark’s mouth, blue crab meat, crocodile or kangaroo.

Although the last tourists have generally avoided painfully touching animals.

Ride over the Blue Mountains

Another game for people with strong nerves, however, does not require physical activity, the company offers Scenic World Blue Mountains. These enterprising guys paved park Blue Mountains, which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage List , a network of hiking trails, and now offer day passes to them for $ 35.

Seemingly not too budget, because look at the mountains covered with eucalyptus can be free. Yes, only the main proposal of this company is so tempting that it is impossible to refuse. This cabinet with glass floor and walls, moving directly over the mountains of the park at an altitude of almost 300 meters.

Listen to an opera in Sydney

Every tourist heading to Australia, plans to photograph the building itself and its background.

Over the years the Opera House in Sydney, it was visited by more than forty million people, and they just cost to join. In the theater, four scenes, and opera sound on only one of them. And yet there are two restaurants and a huge cinema, so that you can always go to a modern film if from high art very very sleepy.

Find the schedule of events and to book tickets on the Online Theater.

Scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef

900 coral islands, sprawling over an area of ​​350,000 square kilometers, and five thousand species of underwater creatures – sounds impressive. So consider not only scientists, constantly exploring the Great Barrier Reef , but millions of tourists from all over the planet.

See the heart of Australia

Uluru National Park Katayuta-known not only for the fact that only here you can find indigenous people of Australia and feel the history of the country, but also an extraordinary variety of wildlife. But the main attraction of the park – the largest monolith in the world Aires Rock – red heart of Australia.

To summarize, it is worth noting that Australia so far, versatile and unpredictable country that stay here – a kaleidoscope of discoveries. Go here costs only those who are ready for adventure, 24 hour flight and those who have sufficient cash reserves.