How good tan in the sun, but do not burn

How good tan in the sun, but do not burn

How good tan in the sun, but do not burn
Going on a long-awaited vacation to the sea, you should know how good tan in the sun and it does not harm their health. Let’s talk about it.

Beautiful tan or chocolate bronzing always decorates man makes it visually younger and your skin – healthy and sparkling. But sunbathing to be careful, otherwise there is a risk of burns or heat stroke. So we talk about how good tan in the sun.

Beach rules

Getting ready for a holiday by the sea, you have to take with them not only a swimsuit, but also the means to protect the skin. This is, first and foremost, sunblock that protects the skin from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation and moisturizer after tanning. Last resort will not only fix the bronze shade, but also to remove the heat, soften the coarsened from the wind and salt water skin, moisten it after a long stay on the hot sand.

Probably you know that tanning should be individualized, taking into account the peculiarities of the organism. Cream have different levels of protection, that is a different spf filter. The lighter your skin, it is more sensitive than the more protection you need. Children immediately choose the maximum spf-filter (at least 30). Remember that the cosmetic product will protect you from premature aging, facing abuse sunlight.

And a couple of tips

Even using all necessary means to protect skin, still try to sunbathe only in the morning or evening hours.Noon is the hottest time of the day, so there is a good chance to get a severe sunburn and heat stroke, even if you’re in the water. Therefore, the middle of the day is better to spend a well air-conditioned room or in the shade. Going to the beach, grab a hat and sunglasses. Surely you do not need to explain why.

Do you want to know how good tan in the sun to a friend died of envy when you come home? There is one trick: a series of sunbathing and swimming. You can do so: moisten saltwater body and let the bright rays dry you. When the moisture to evaporate, do the same. You can continue indefinitely, and as a result you get an amazingly beautiful skin tone for a fairly short time. Make this myself!

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